Sergio Daladier Molina Aristizabal

Sergio Daladier Molina Aristizabal

Assoc Professor - Educator

French Hall


A&S Mathematical Sciences -


Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2015 (Mathematics)

Positions and Work Experience

2015 -2023 Assistant Professor Educator, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2023 -To Present , Associate Professor Educator, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


Peer Reviewed Publications

Cadavid C.; Molina S.; Vélez J.D. (2013. ) Limits of quotients of bivariate real analytic functions.Journal of Symbolic Computation, , 50 ,197-207 More Information

Gallego E.; Vélez J.D.; Molina S.D.; Hernandez-Rodas J.P.; Gómez-Ramírez D.A.J. (2023. ) On the topological structure of the (non-)finitely generated locus of Frobenius algebras emerging fr.Communications in Algebra, , 51 (1 ) ,414-423 More Information

Hodges T.; Molina S.; Schlather J. (2017. ) On the existence of homogeneous semi-regular sequences in F2[X1.Journal of Algebra, , 476 ,519-547 More Information

Hodges T.J.; Molina S.D. (2021. ) Homological characterization of bounded F2-regularity.Journal of Algebra, , 588 ,148-165 More Information


Invited Presentations

(2009. ) Puiseaux Series, Galois Theory and Limits of quotients of bivariative real analytic functions .XVII Colombian Congress of Mathematics, Cali, Colombia. Conference. . Level:International

(2015. ) On the Existence of Semi-Regular Sequences .DIMACS Workshop on The Mathematics of Post-Quantum Cryptography, DIMACS Center for Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science, Rutgers University, NJ. Workshop. . Level:International

(2015. ) On the Existence of Semi-Regular Sequences .12th International Conference on Finite Fields and Their Applications (Fq12), Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. Conference. . Level:International

Poster Presentations

(2015. ) (In Press. ) On the Existence of Semi-Regular Sequences .2015 Expo & Poster Forum, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. . UC. . Level:University


(2017). An Alternative Stem Pathway to Calculus . Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA. Other Institution. Level:National

Courses Taught

-MATH-1008 FOUNDATIONS OF QR Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1021 COLLEGE ALG Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1026 PRE CALC Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1044 APPLIED CALC I Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1045 APPLIED CAL II Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1062 CALCULUS II Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1071 INTRO DISC MATH Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-2063 MULTIVARIABLE CALC Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-2076 LINEAR ALGEBRA Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1020/1023 STEM PREP PATHWAY I Level:Undergraduate

-MATH-1024 STEM PREP PATHWAY II Level:Undergraduate

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