Zvi Biener

Zvi Biener

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

McMicken Hall


A&S Philosophy - 0374

Professional Summary

I work primarily on early-modern conceptions of the unity of science and the large-scale structure of fields of knowledge. In particular, I am interested in how early-modern conceptions the unity of knowledge were used to justify the authority of philosophy over the physical sciences. This research consists of three overlapping areas: early-modern views regarding the reduction and dependence of branches of knowledge to/on one another, forms of demonstration and deduction in the new early-modern sciences, and the metaphysical underpinnings of those sciences.

When not an academic, I work on web-related projects or code, compile, and generally make a mess with programming languages. My computer concerns mirror my academic concerns: I like thinking about how knowledge is organized in the computer age, and spend way too much time exploring database and information management technologies.


Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh 2008 (History and Philosophy of Science)

M.A.: University of Pittsburgh 2005 (Philosophy)

B.A.: Rutgers University 1995 (Physics)

B.A.: Rutgers University 1995 (Philosophy)

Research Support

Grant: #URC AHSS Faculty Stipend Awards AY2015-16 Investigators:Biener, Zvi 05-01-2016 -04-30-2017 UC's University Research Council The Genesis and Reception of the Rules of Philosophizing, and What They Say about Contemporary Physicists and Philosophers Role:PI $6,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC


Awesome, Newton, Galileo, Empiricism, Rationalism, Speculative Philosophy, Philosophy, Physics, Descartes, Hobbes, Locke