Christopher Swoboda

Christopher Swoboda

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Research Methods

Teachers College


CECH Educational Studies - 0022

Professional Summary

As a highly collaborative applied quantitative research methodologist, I have focused my scholarship, teaching and leadership roles on implementing, evaluating and developing tools for data driven decision making and research across a variety of contexts (e.g., education, health, legal studies). I pride myself in both using rigorous methodological approaches to combat real problems and in making these tools accessible to all learners.



Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin Madison, 2011 (Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methods. Minor in Statistics)

M.A.: University of Wisconsin Madison, 2008 (Educational Psychology - Quantitative Methods)

B.S.: University of Wisconsin Madison, 2005 (Psychology, Political Science)

Research Support

Grant: #Center for Legal Education Excellence Grant Investigators:Chanvisanuruk, Joel; Lobue, Amy; Swoboda, Christopher 03-07-2019 -11-30-2020 AccessLex Institute Passing the bar: A multisite, mixed methods investigation of law student success Role:PI $125,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

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