Susan Gregson

Susan A. Gregson , Ph.D.

Assoc Professor - Field Service

Associate Professor-Field Service

Teachers College


CECH Middle Childhood Education - 0022

Professional Summary

Susan Gregson is a Associate Professor, Field Service in the Curriculum & Instruction and Middle Childhood Education programs at UC. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on mathematics education from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Her research and teaching focus on equitable classroom practice, developing political knowledge for teaching mathematics, and the preparation of mathematics teachers for effective instruction of marginalized students. She has coached teachers and taught secondary mathematics in rural and urban schools, both in the United States and abroad.


Ph.D.: University of Illinois Urbana, IL, 2012 (Curriculum & Instruction)

M.Ed.: Univserity of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, 2001 (Mathematics Education)

B.S.: University of Illinois Urbana, IL, 1986 (Mathematics and Computer Science)

Positions and Work Experience

2011 -2019 Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2008 -2011 Professional Developer, Center for Education In Small Urban Communities, College of Education, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

2004 -2004 Mathematic Teacher, University Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL

2004 -2004 Mathematics Teacher, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

2002 -2003 Technology Specialist, Franklin Middle School, Unit 4, Champaign, IL

1997 -2002 Mathematics Teacher, Oxford Middle School, Oxford School District, Oxford, MS

1994 -1997 Mathematics Teacher, Sydney Lanier High School, Austin School District, Austin, TX

1990 -1994 Mathematics Teacher, Frederick Douglass Middle School, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL

1987 -1988 Mathematics Teacher, Barazani Secondary School, U.S. Peace Corps, Barazani, Kenya

2019 -To Present Associate Professor Field Service, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Research Support

Investigators:Niven D., Solimine M., & Gregson, S. 07-2020 -12-2021 University of Cincinnati-Collaborative Research Advancement Grants Program. Rethinking How Our Political World Takes Shape: The Individual Level Origins of Gerrymandering. Role:Co-PI $15,000 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #ODC FY22 Investigators:Breiner, Jonathan; Gregson, Susan; Kroeger, Stephen; Smith, Everrett 09-01-2021 -06-30-2023 Ohio Department of Education University of Cincinnati BIPOC Teacher Pathway - Deans Compact Priority 2 Role:Collaborator 150010.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of


Peer Reviewed Publications

Gregson, S. (2013. ) Negotiating Social Justice Teaching: One Full-Time Teacher's Practice Viewed from the Trenches .Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, , 44 (1 ) ,164-198

Lim,W., Son, J., Gregson, S. & Kim, J. (2018. ) An Examination of High School Students Online Engagement in Mathematics Problems .International Journal of Web-based Learning and Teaching Technologies, , 13 (2 ) ,

Other Publications

Wickstrom, M. & Gregson, S. (2017. ) Public Stories of Mathematics Educations: Responding to Inequities in Mathematics Education: Opening Spaces for Dialogue .Journal of Urban Mathematics Education , 10 (1 ) ,

Harkness, S.,Truhart, R., & Gregson, S. (2014. ) Using Mathematics to Design Costumes: Hat Making .Ohio Journal of Mathematics Education , Fall (70 ) ,27-33

Hord, C., Gregson, S., Walsh, J., Marita, S. (2018. ) Students with LD and visual modeling .Ohio Journal of School Mathematics, 79 (2 ) ,19 -26 Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Book Chapter

Atchison, C., Gregson, S., Camp, E., Kroeger, S., & Johnson, H (2019 ) Developing integrated inclusive content and pedagogy for a dual license middle childhood education program Inclusive Educational Practice .. Charlotte, NC, IAP

Kroeger, S., Gregson, S., Duda, M, DeJarnette, A., Breiner, J. Atchison, C.. (2020 ) Practicing what we preach: A case study of the implementation of a complex conceptual framework Case Study Methodology in Higher Education .Hershey, PA: , IGI Global


Invited Presentations

Susan Gregson (2016. ) Short game, long game: Tensions of a critical mathematics education researcher. .Indiana Mathematics Education Research Symposium Keynote, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Poster Presentations

Gregson, S. & Hord, C. Crossing the mathematics-special education divide in the in the era of the Common Core Standards. .North American International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics (PMENA) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. .

Paper Presentations

Gregson, S. (2007. ) The Equity Practice of a Mathematics Teacher in a Secondary School Committed to College Preparation, Community Connection, and Social Justice .Chicago, IL. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Gregson, S. (2008. ) “We’re Gonna Roll Through this Together”: Beals Community School, Creating a Context for Critical Scholarship, Organizing, and Equitable Teacher Practice .Chicago, IL. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Gregson, S., & Kroeger, S. (2018. ) A process for improving inclusive teacher education practice in a dual-licensure middle childhood program .Dublin, OH.

Gregson, S., & Harris, J. (2017. ) Triple threat! Using Pythagorean triples to teach about similarity with struggling middle grades students. .Columbus, OH.

Gregson, S. (2016. ) Packing, cracking, and sweetheart deals: Using gerrymandering puzzles to understand electoral redistricting .Sandusky, OH.

DeJarnette, A.F., & Gregson, S.. (2015. ) Projections of the globe: Using GeoGebra to study world maps. Sharonville, OH.

Gregson, S., & Harris, J. (2015. ) “Killing with kindness” and other lessons from a mathematics equity mentoring group. Orlando, FL.

Buenrostro, P. M., Gregson, S., Gutiérrez, R.J., & Gutstein, R.. (2014. ) Student perspectives on learning in critical mathematics classrooms .New Orleans, LA.

Harkness, S., Truhart, R., & Gregson, S. (2013. ) Costuming and mathematics: The process of hat design. .Louisville, KY.

Gutiérrez, R., & Gregson, S. (2013. ) Creative insubordination in mathematics teachers: Taking a stand in high poverty schools. .San Franciso, CA.

Gregson, S. (2013. ) Move it or lose it: Realizing the potential of dynamic geometry software for middle school instruction. Orlando, FL.

Ray, K., Durst, S., & Gregson, S. (2012. ) Monitoring understanding: Literacy as a means to means to mathematical ends. Chicago, IL.

Gregson, S., Winebar, & K., Stellar, J.. (2018. ) Activities for Engaging Early Algebra Students with Covariation .Akron, OH. Conference. Level:State

Therkelsen, C. & Gregson, S (2019. ) Going Gradeless: Strategies for Promoting Conceptual Understanding in Pre- Service Teachers. Baltimore, MD. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Gregson, S. (2020. ) Addressing Sociopolitical Consciousness in Middle Math Teacher Preparation. Las Vegas, NV. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Honors and Awards

2018 -2019 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and Student-Faculty Relations, Middle Childhood College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Tribunal

2017 -2018 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and Student-Faculty Relations, Middle Childhood College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Tribunal

2015 -2016 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and Student-Faculty Relations, Curriculum & Instruction College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Tribunal

2013 -2014 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and Student-Faculty Relations, Middle Childhood College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Tribunal


Secondary Teacher Practice, Mathematics Education, Educational Equity, Social Justice Education, Critical Pedagogy, Mathematics Instructional Coaching