Ganesh Malla

Ganesh B Malla

Associate Professor

CC Snyder Addition

CC Mathematics - 0162


PhD: Wichita State Univeristy Wichita, KS, 2009 ( Applied Mathematics (Statistics))

Research and Practice Interests

My research area is Order Restricted Inferences (ORI) in Survival Analysis. I also love to be a Statistician in Interdisciplinary Research.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ganesh Malla and Hari Mukerjee (2010. ) A new piecewise exponential estimator of the survival function .Statistics & Probability Letters, 80, 1911-1917, ,

Ganesh Malla and Hari Mukerjee (2011. ) On testing order restricted mean residual life functions under censoring .Journal of Statistical Research, 45, 77-86, ,

Ganesh Malla (2012. ) A comparison of the New piecewise exponential estimator with other nonparametric estimators of the survival function: a simulation study .Journal of Statistical Research, 46, 49-63, ,

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