Marthe Alexander

Marthe C Alexander , MA - 2009; BA - 2005

Asst Professor - Adj Ann

Annual Adjunct Instructor

Professional Summary

Growing up in Cincinnati, Marthe was always somewhat of a social butterfly. She absolutely loved this city and never felt a real desire to leave.  So when it came time to apply for colleges, she knew that The University of Cincinnati was her top (and only) choice.  She would be far enough away that she was "on my own" from her parents but close enough to get home for an occasional meal or two. 

She chose Early Childhood Education as her first major -- who doesn't want to teach kids to finger paint and learn their ABC's?  But after her first year taking courses, she knew this wasn't her passion.  Upon meeting with her advisor and figuring out her options, she heard that she could choose "Communication" as her major.  SERIOUSLY!?  She loves talking to people!  She loves socializing in general.  Thus, her journey into the world of Communication began.

Marthe graduated with a BA in Mass Communication in 2005.  She had worked hard and was ready to take the world by storm!  But she didn't know exactly what she wanted to do -- with this degree, Marthe could do just about anything!  Event Planning?  Sales?  Journalism?  Marketing?  She started working with a non-profit in their Special Events Department.  (And it was the best decision she ever made!) 

After working for 2 years, Marthe realized she could probably do more with her degree.  What other options did she have?  She heard about a Master's Program at UC....but was she really cut out for graduate school?  She applied -- and low and behold, apparently, she was!  

Marthe went to grad school full-time from 2007-2009 and focused in Organizational Communication.  Upon graduating, she worked two different jobs that fulfilled her -- but not in the ways that she thought she should feel about her career path.  That's when she realized that her life was always better when she was working with or involved with a non-profit organization.  

Marthe began her career at Matthew 25: Ministries in Blue Ash, Ohio in December 2012.  Matthew 25 is a disaster relief / humanitarian aid organization that provides resources and help to the poorest of the poor and those affected by a natural disaster.  She works in the Operations Department - so her days are spent managing inventory, shipping products, reporting metrics of pounds shipped and overall, just helping people that need help. 

However, Marthe also love to teach!  In the Fall of 2013, she began teaching again at UC -- Business Communication and Intro to Public Relations courses. She loves being back in the classroom and helping to shape lives of the future of America!  

Marthe married her husband, Tony, in March 2016.  They live in Pleasant Ridge.  She's a fan of Cincinnati sports (Who Dey!), extreme couponing and fun things around Cincinnati.  


Positions and Work Experience

BAD DATE - Operations Manager, Matthew 25: Ministries,

8/1/2013 12:00:00 AM - Annual Adjunct Instructor, Teaches Business Communication and Intro to PR , University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

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