Kathryn Ann Doyle

Assistant Professor Educator

Teachers College

CECH Special Education - 0022

Research Support

Grant: #Summer Learning and Afterschool Opportunities Grant Investigators:Carnahan, Christina; Dart, Catherine; Doyle, Kathryn; Kroeger, Stephen 04-28-2022 -06-30-2024 Ohio Department of Education CEES Summer STEM Expansion, Role:Collaborator 411167.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of

Grant: #ARP ESSER Sourced Grants / S425U210035 Investigators:DeJarnette, Anna; Doyle, Kathryn; Hord, Casey 07-01-2022 -06-30-2024 Department of Education Closing the Gap for Students with Learning Difficulties Enrolled in Algebra 1 and High School Geometry Role:Collaborator 499996.44 Hold Level:Federal

Grant: #S336S220039 Investigators:Ahmed, Areej; Doyle, Kathryn; Ottley, Jennifer 10-01-2022 -09-30-2027 Department of Education Project SSHINE Role:Collaborator 673912.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #EES-2334313 Investigators:Carnahan, Christina; Doyle, Kathryn 10-01-2023 -09-30-2025 National Science Foundation NSF EAGER: Exploring Customized Employment to Identify Jobs for People with IDD in STEM Fields Role:Collaborator 300000.00 Awarded Level:Federal