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Everrett A Smith

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Associate Professor, Higher Education

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CECH Educational Leadership (EDLD) - 0022

Professional Summary

Dr. Everrett A. Smith serves as an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Graduate Program Coordinator for the doctoral program in urban educational leadership. He previously led the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies program, which offers degree programs in K-12 and higher education.

Dr. Smith’s research contributes to the understanding of the factors that influence financial and governance decisions in higher education. This includes exploring trustee, faculty, and student involvement in the governance process, as well as the policy, financial, and political decision-making at institutional and state levels. Most recently, his research has focused on the community college and the financial and governance elements of these institutions as they provide access to postsecondary education.

Previously, Smith served as Director of Assessment for the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas and worked in student affairs and enrollment management at Christian Brothers University. He also served as a public school Spanish teacher in the Memphis City School system. He was a Southern Regional Education Board Doctoral Award recipient and completed his interdisciplinary doctoral studies in public policy, specializing in education policy at the University of Arkansas. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee.


Ph.D.: University of Arkansas 2014 (Public Policy)

M.S.: University of Memphis (Leadership & Policy Studies)

B.S.: Middle Tennessee State University (Psychology, Double Minor: Spanish, Leadership Studies)

Research and Practice Interests

State/Institutional Governance and Policy
Public Policy
Finance and Fundraising in Higher Education
Community Colleges
Urban-serving Colleges and Universities
College Student Success

Positions and Work Experience

08-2017 -09-2022 Program Lead, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies/Higher Education Administration ,

2016 - Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

01-2015 -08-2016 Director of Assessment, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

12-2009 -08-2011 Admission Counselor and Recruiter, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN

09-2008 -12-2009 Research Assistant, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

08-2007 -08-2008 Graduate Assistant, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

09-2006 -08-2007 High School Teacher, Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN

08-2011 -08-2013 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

08-2013 -12-2014 Doctoral Assistant, Research & Special Projects, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

01-2022 - Program Coordinator, Urban Educational Leadership Doctoral Program,

Research Support

Grant: #FY18 PPI Investigators: Smith, Everrett; Lobue, Amy 02-01-2018 -09-30-2018 Ohio Department of Education Principal Preparation Innovation Role:PI $99,859.88 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #ODC FY22 Investigators:Breiner, Jonathan; Gregson, Susan; Kroeger, Stephen; Smith, Everrett 09-01-2021 -06-30-2023 Ohio Department of Education University of Cincinnati BIPOC Teacher Pathway - Deans Compact Priority 2 Role:Co-PI 150010.00


Peer Reviewed Publications

Smith, E. A., Gearhart, G. D., & Miller, M. T. (2019. ) Understanding alumni relations programs in community colleges .International Journal of Higher Education, , 8 (5 ) ,176-184

Gearhart, D. G., Smith, E. A., & Miller, M. T. (2019. ) Community college crowdfunding: New strategy or latest fad? .Community College Journal of Research and Practice, , 43 (9 ) ,618-621

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LeFlore, D, Novesl, A., Smith, E.A. (2022. ) Landing the Class: An Analysis of Innovative Enrollment Strategy and Leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic .Metropolitan Universities, , 32 (3 ) ,64

Elliott, R., & Smith, E.A. (2022. ) Not just a job: How identity shapes the on-campus student employment experience. College Student Journal, , 55 (3 ) ,197-204

Miller, M.T., Smith, E.A. (2021. ) Urban community college department chairs: A status report.Community College Journal of Research and Practice, , 1 More Information

Smith, E. A., & Miller, M. T. (2023. ) Diversity in development: Centering diversity in community college fundraising practice. .Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, , 30 (1 ) ,31-46

Courses Taught

Organization & Administration in Higher Education Level:Graduate

Finance in Higher Education

Legal Issues & Law in Higher Education

Governance & Policymaking in Higher Education

Overview of the American Community College

Contact Information

Phone: 513-556-3600