Abdullah Abu-Rqayiq

Abdullah M. H. Abu-Rqayiq

Asst Professor

CC Snyder Addition

CC Mathematics - 0162

Professional Summary

I am interested in studying population dynamics. I implement the general theory of dynamical systems to describe and capture the behavior of solutions. I apply different mathematical approaches for this purpose. For instance, I apply the adaptive dynamics approach combined with the singularity theory to study the evolutionary dynamics of competitive phenotypes. I also use the control theory to optimize the cost of treatment for tumor virotherapy. I apply a fractional derivative approach to capture the memory of the derivative to enhance the understanding of related systems.


Ph.D.: New Mexico State University ,USA,, 2018 (,Applied Mathematics.)

MSc: ,New Mexico State University, USA,, (Mathematics.)

MSc: ,Mutah University, Jordan,, (Mathematics.)

BSc: Mutah University, Jordan,, (Mathematics.)