David Adams

David E Adams , PHD

Research Scientist

Medical Sciences Building


COM IM Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunol - 0563


PhD: University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA, 1992 (Molecular Biology)

Bachelor of Arts: Oberlin College Oberlin, OH, 1982 (Chemistry)

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Clare Hall Laboratories, UK (Biochemistry)

Research Support

Grant: #VA IPA Adams Investigators:Adams, David 06-04-2018 -06-03-2020 Department of Veterans Affairs Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement for Adams, David E Role:PI 80888.18 Closed Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Li, Yutian; Deng, Shan; Wang, Xiaohong; Huang, Wei; Chen, Jing; Robbins, Nathan; Mu, Xingjiang; Essandoh, Kobina; Peng, Tianqing; Jegga, Anil G; Rubinstein, Jack; Adams, David E; Wang, Yigang; Peng, Jiangtong; Fan, Guo-Chang (2020. ) Sectm1a Deficiency Aggravates Inflammation-Triggered Cardiac Dysfunction through Disruption of LXR? Signaling in Macrophages.Cardiovascular research, , More Information

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De Albuquerque, Deijanira Alves; Saxena, Vijay; Adams, David E; Boivin, Gregory P; Brunner, Hermine I; Witte, David P; Singh, Ram Raj (2004. ) An ACE inhibitor reduces Th2 cytokines and TGF-beta1 and TGF-beta2 isoforms in murine lupus nephritis.Kidney international, , 65 (3 ) ,846-59 More Information

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