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Noe T Alvarez

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Professional Summary

My research interests are focused on carbon nanomaterials synthesis, assembly and applications. Among the nanomaterials synthesized in my Lab are carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene that are assembled into nanometer films and microscopic fibers with unique properties compared to macroscopic materials. Current applications are oriented to electrochemical and physiological sensors, as well as energy storage devices. I heavily collaborate with faculty in engineering, Nanoworld Labs, that is equipped with state of the art instruments for nanomaterials research. Students in my group will be exposed to engineering aspects of nanomaterials development besides of the fundamental chemistry such as synthesis and electrochemistry.

Noe Alvarez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He received his Ph. D. in Chemistry from Rice University (2010), where he worked at the Richard Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology under supervision of James M. Tour and Robert H. Hauge on multiple aspects of single-walled CNTs. He earned M.Sc. from McNeese State University (2004), and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Mayor de San Simon (Bolivia). After graduating from Rice he spent 6 months working on nanotube synthesis at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST – Japan). He has received a NASA tech award (2011) for his contribution to the development of scientific and technical innovation. 
More details about his research at UC can be found at:


Ph. D., Rice University Houston, TX, 2010 (Nanomaterials Chemistry)

M.Sc., McNeese State University Lake Charles, LA, 2004 (Physical Organic Chemistry)

B. Sc., Universidad Mayor de San Simon Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1997 (Industrial Engineering)

Research and Practice Interests

Carbon nanomaterial synthesis, and applications as electrochemical sensors.
Biomaterials and detection of biomolecules.
Energy Storage devices, supercapacitors and batteries based on carbon nanotube and graphene assemblies  

Research Support

Investigators:N. T. Alvarez and V. Shanov 04-15-2017 -04-14-2018 UC Technology Commercialization Accelerator Nano materials based Energy-efficient Electric Heating-elements Role:PI 40,000 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #NNC16CA17C Investigators:V. Shannov and N. Alvarez 07-01-2016 -06-30-2018 NASA Structural Energy Storage Devices Role:CoPI 160,000 Active Type:Grant Level:National

Investigators:N. T. Alvarez, E. Haynes, W. Heineman and V. Shanov 08-01-2016 -07-30-2017 UC Office of VP for Research Cadmium Sensor for Water and Body Fluids Role:PI 35,000 Completed Type:Grant

Grant: #UCRI 1089 11-01-2017 -09-30-2018 Phase 1B & 2 Heavy Metal Sensors - Anodic Stripping Voltammetry based on Carbon Nanotube Sensor Role:PI 159,647.00 Active

Grant: #UCRI 1044 08-01-2017 -08-31-2017 AOSmith Carbon nanotube based electrochemical sensor for Lead detection in drinking water Role:PI 10,000.00 Completed

Investigators:N. T. Alvarez 01-05-2018 -12-30-2018 UC international Faculty –Led Study Abroad Mentoring Grant 2017-2018 Tackling global Problems through Interantional Collaborative Science Role:PI 2,900 Active Level:International

Grant: #URS Strategic Collaborative Grants AY2017-2018 Investigators:Alvarez, Noe 08-01-2016 -07-31-2017 UC Cadmium Sensor for Water and Body Fluids Role:PI $35,000.00 Active

Grant: #GN 011227/NAVYN6833517C0592 Investigators:Alvarez, Noe; Shanov, Vesselin 11-01-2017 -10-31-2018 Department of the Navy Spreadable, Reusable and Disposable Resistive Heater for Out-of-Autoclave Composite Curing Repair Role:Collaborator $67,500.00 Active

Grant: #F100298-6264300000 Investigators:Noe Alvarez and Elke Buschbeck 01-01-2019 -06-30-2019 UCGNI/NRC Carbon nanotube microwires for long-term neural recording and stimulation Role:PI 25,000 Active Type:Grant Level:University

Grant: #Kroger_Exhibit A under the Master Investigators:Alvarez, Noe 03-20-2020 -04-30-2020 Kroger Company Kroger Co: Ammonia Sensor Development Role:PI $10,000.00 Active

Grant: #1014904 Investigators:Alvarez, N. 02-15-2019 -05-15-2020 AOSmith Heavy metal sensor development based on carbon nanomaterials Role:PI 267,050.00 Active Type:Grant Level:National

Investigators:Alvarez, N T 08-15-2019 -08-14-2020 UC international abroad studies Creation and Dissemination of Undergraduate Research Culture Role:PI 5,000.00 Withdrawn Type:Fellowship Level:University

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zhao, D.; Siebold, D.; Alvarez, N.T.; Shanov, V.N.; Heineman, W.R. Carbon nanotube thread electrochemical cell: Detection of heavy metals. Analytical Chemistry 2017, 89, 9654-9663.

Alvarez, Noe T, Noga, Ryan, Chae, So-Ryong, Sorial, George A, Ryu, Hodon, & Shanov, Vesselin (2017). Heatable carbon nanotube composite membranes for sustainable recovery from biofouling. Biofouling, 33(10), 847-854.

Zhang, L.; DeArmond, D.; Alvarez, N.T.; Malik, R.; Oslin, N.; McConnell, C.; Adusei, P.K.; Hsieh, Y.Y.; Shanov, V. Flexible micro-supercapacitor based on graphene with 3d structure. Small 2017, 13.

Yu, Q.; Alvarez, N.T.; Miller, P.; Malik, R.; Haase, M.R.; Schulz, M.; Shanov, V.; Zhu, X. Mechanical strength improvements of carbon nanotube threads through epoxy cross-linking. Materials 2016, 9.

Alvarez, Noe T, Ochmann, Timothy, Kienzle, Nicholas, Ruff, Brad, Haase, Mark R, Hopkins, Tracy, Pixley, Sarah, Mast, David, Schulz, Mark J, & Shanov, Vesselin (2014). Polymer Coating of Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Electric Microcables. Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 4(4), 879-893.

Nahan, Keaton S, Alvarez, Noe, Shanov, Vesselin, & Vonderheide, Anne (2017). Carbon Nanotube Fiber Ionization Mass Spectrometry: A Fundamental Study of a Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Functionalized Corona Discharge Pin for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Analysis. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 28(11), 2408-2413.

Zhao, D.; Zhang, L.; Siebold, D.; DeArmond, D.; Alvarez, N.T.; Shanov, V.N. Shanov; Heineman, W.R. Electrochemical studies of three dimensional graphene foam as an electrode material. Electroanalysis 2017, 29, 1506-1512.

Malik, R.; Zhang, L.; McConnell, C.; Schott, M.; Hsieh, Y.Y.; Noga, R.; Alvarez, N.T.; Shanov, V. Three-dimensional, free-standing polyaniline/carbon nanotube composite-based electrode for high-performance supercapacitors. Carbon 2017, 116, 579-590.

Keller, S.D.; Zaghloul, A.I.; Alvarez, N.T.; Malik, R.; Shanov, V.; Schulz, M.J.; Mast, D.B. Effects of metal nanoparticle doping and in situ atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on carbon nanotube sheet antenna performance. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 2017, 16, 1076-1079.

Gbordzoe, S.; Yarmolenko, S.; Kanakaraj, S.; Haase, M.R.; Alvarez, N.T.; Borgemenke, R.; Adusei, P.K.; Shanov, V. Effects of laser cutting on the structural and mechanical properties of carbon nanotube assemblages. Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology 2017, 223, 143-152.

Gbordzoe, S.; Yarmolenko, S.; Hsieh, Y.Y.; Adusei, P.K.; Alvarez, N.T.; Fialkova, S.; Shanov, V. Three-dimensional texture analysis of aligned carbon nanotube structures. Carbon 2017, 121, 591-601.

Ayub, M.; Zander, A.C.; Howard, C.Q.; Cazzolato, B.S.; Huang, D.M.; Shanov, V.N.; Alvarez, N.T. Normal incidence acoustic absorption characteristics of a carbon nanotube forest. Applied Acoustics 2017, 127, 223-239.

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S. Kanakaraj; N. Alvarez; S. Gbordzoe; M. S. Lucas; B. Maruyama; R. Noga; Y. Hsieh and V. Shanov; Improved dry spinning process at elevated temperatures from making uniform and high strength CNT fibers; Mater. Res. Express; 2018; 5, 065036.

Alvarez N., Engel P., Hauge R., Kittrell C., Schmidt H., & Tour J. (2008). Selective photochemical functionalization of surfactant-dispersed single wall carbon nanotubes in wa. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(43), 14227-14233.

Alvarez N.T., Dangel G., FitzGerald E., Gazica K., Haynes E.N., & Yadav J. (2020). Towards on-site detection of cadmium in human urine. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 859.

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Alvarez N.T., Gupta P., Poulin P., Rahm C.E., & Torres-Canas F. (2020). Inkjet Printed Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensor for the Detection of Lead in Drinking Water. Electroanalysis.

Book Chapter

S. N. Kankaraj, P. K. Adusey, Y. Y. Hsieh, Y. Fang, N. T. Alvarez and V. Shanov; Fabric-integrated ionic liquid based supercapacitor as a tunable and flexible power source; book chapter in Science, technology and advanced application of supercapacitors; INTECH open science – open minds 2018.

P. K. Adusey, Y. Y. Hsieh, S. N. Kankaraj, Y. Fang, K. Johnson, N. T. Alvarez and V. Shanov; Fiber supercapacitors based on carbon nanotube-PANI composites; book chapter in Science, technology and advanced application of supercapacitors; INTECH open science – open minds 2018.


Invited Presentations

N. T. Alvarez (07-12-2017. )Monitoring Lead contamination in drinking water of identifying communities at risk .Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster- Ohio River Valley Region, Cincinnati OH. Level:Regional

N. T. Alvarez (07-10-2017. )Carbon nanotube sensor for heavy metal detection in water .AOSmith corporation challenge, Milwaukee, WI. Level:National

N. T. Alvarez (09-29-2017. )Carbon nanotube synthesis and applications .Departmental seminar at Wright State University (WSU), Dayton, OH. Level:University

N. T. Alvarez (10-19-2017. )Carbon nanotube electrochemical sensors for quantifying heavy metal exposure .International Society of Exposure Science (ISES) Annual Meeting, Research Triangle Park, NC. Level:International

N. T. Alvarez (11-01-2017. )Carbon nanomaterial assemblies for sensor applications .Chemistry department seminar - Northern Kentucky University (NKU), Covington, KY. Level:University

N. T. Alvarez (12-13-2017. )Identifying communities at risk and monitoring Lead contamination in drinking water .Water Research Consortium Challenge Grant - Confluence, Cincinnati, OH. Level:Regional

N. T. Alvarez (03-2018. )Carbon Nanotube Synthesis, Assembly and Bio Applications .Bordeaux University, Bordeaux - France.

Alvarez, N T (03-18-2019. )Carbon Nanotube as Biomaterials .Bordeaux, France. Other Institution. .Level:International

Alvarez, N T (08-22-2019. )Tayloring the Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube Threads During Assembly .American Association for Advances in Functional Materials, UCLA 2019, Los Angeles CA. Level:National

Alvarez, N T (08-26-2019. )Carbon nanomaterial sensors for lead detection drinking water .ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting, San Diego. Level:National

Alvarez, N T (10-17-2019. )The search for high-density fiber assemblies .Carbon nanotube Workshop, Yellow springs, OH. Level:Regional

Alvarez, N T (10-23-2019. )Towards strong carbon nanotube fibers .Colloquium speaker, University of Kentucky, Lexington. Level:National

Alvarez, N T (12-05-2019. )Carbon nanotube fibers for neural stimulation and recording .MRS FALL 2019, Boston MA . Level:National

Poster Presentations

N. T. Alvarez (10-2018. )Carbon Nanotube Microelectrodes for Neuroscience Applications .Defense TechConnect Fall Summit, Tampa FL,. .

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Identifying the metallic and semiconducting nature of carbon nanotubes by AFM .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , University of Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Gazica, Kiera and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Detecting Cadmium in Simulated Urine with Glucose .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Kile, Angela; Rahm, Connor and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Ag/AgCl CArbon Nanotube Fibers as Pseudo-Reference Electrode .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Ogle, Emily and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Unconventional Metal Quantification in Carbon Nanotube Fibers .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Rahm, Connor and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Printed Carbon Electrodes for the Detection of Pb2+ in Drinking Water .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Russel, Amani and Alvarez, Noe (11-2018. )Carbon Nanotube Composite Membranes to Eliminate Bacteria and Biofouling .The 2018 Oesper Symposium , Cincinnati. .UC. .Level:National

Hoque, A and Alvarez, N T (11-13-2019. )Re-growth of carbon nanotubes using bi-metallics nanoparticles .2019 Oesper Symposium, Cincinnati, OH. .Level:Local

Huseinov, A and Alvarez, N T (11-13-2019. )Reagent-free detection of different forms of lead .2019 Oesper Symposium, Cincinnati, OH. .Level:Local

Ruhunage, Ch and Alvarez N T (11-13-2019. )Interaction of neurons with carbon nanotube assemblies .Oesper 2019 Sysmposium, Cincinnati, OH. .

Gazica, K and Alvarez, N T (11-13-2019. )Carbon nanotube fiber pseudo reference electrode .Oesper symposium, Cincinnati, OH. .

Gupta, P and Alvarez, N T et al. (11-13-2019. )Electrochemistry of carbon ante fiber at cross-section and sidewall .Oesper Symposium, Cincinnati, OH. .

Dangel, G; Gupta, P and Alvarez N T (11-13-2019. )Development of carbon nanotube based nano channel .Oesper Symposium, Cincinnati, OH. .


N. T. Alvarez (10-03-2017. )Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology .CEAS. UC. Level:University

Paper Presentations

N. T. Alvarez (04-2018. )Towards Monitoring Lead in Drinking Water .Cincinnati OH.


(Sustainability Faculty Search )Committee Member Type:University/College Service Level:Department 09-2017 -12-2017

Professional Affiliation

03-2017 -02-2018: American Chemical Society ACS,

Courses Taught

-CHEM-5030 UNDERGRAD RESEARCH Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-3008 NANO SCI TECH Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-2050 ANALYTICAL I Level:Undergraduate

Instrumental Lab Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-2050 ANALYTICAL I Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-3030 ANALYTICAL II Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-3008 NANO SCI TECH Level:Undergraduate

-CHEM-5030 UNDERGRAD RESEARCH Level:Undergraduate

Patents and Inventions

US 20170358400 A1 20171214 Graphene paper and a process for making graphene paper and a graphene electrode 1. N. T. Alvarez; D. Dearmond; R. Malik; V. Shanov; L Zhang,

U.S. Pat. Appl. 2017; US 20170363563 A1 20171221 Carbon nanotube based reference electrodes and all-carbon electrode assemblies for sensing and electrochemical characterization 2. N. T. Alvarez; D. Zhao; W. Heineman; V. Shanov; D. Siebold,

UOC-17025P 62/503,517 Process of making conformable, low voltage, light weight joule heating elements N. T. Alvarez, R. Noga, S. Gbordzoe and V. Shanov, Filed 08-2017 Inventor

2019-060 Ion quantification in non conducting electrolyte solutions Alvarez, Noe; Heineman, William; Justin, Gusphyl; Smith, Joshua; Ojo, Kolade; Rahm, Connor and Gazica, Kiera, Filed 12-10-2018 Co-Inventor

62/882,032 Carbon nanotube microelectrodes for sensors Alvarez, N. T. and Gupta, P., Filed Inventor

62/964,720 Reagent-less Electrolyte-less Detection of Heavy Metals Alvarez, N T; Gupta, P; Heineman, W R; Gazica, K; Rahm, C and Jiang, D., Filed Inventor