Allison Ammann

Allison Ammann , MD

Clinical Instructor

Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0558
Phone 513-558-4206


Medical Degree: Texas Tech University 2018

Bachelor's Degree: Univerfsity of Texas at Austin 2014 (Chemistry)

Positions and Work Experience

2012 -2014 Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Texas at Austin (PI: Dr. Karen Browning). Research involved the initiation of translation in plants, and more specifically, the role of Initiation Factor 4F. Developed skills in PCR, DNA extraction from plant tissue. Collaborated with senior lab members as well as conducted individual research.,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Mulinder, Holly; Ammann, Allison; Puckett, Yana; Dissanaike, Sharmila (2017. ) Case Report of Foreign Body Stuck in Esophagus with Failure of Endoscopic Management in a Man with a History of Pica.Case reports in surgery, , 2017 ,1934787 More Information

Delman A.M.; Turner K.M.; Griffith A.; Schepers E.; Ammann A.M.; Holm T.M. (11-01-2022. ) Minimally Invasive Surgery for Resectable Adrenocortical Carcinoma: A Nationwide Analysis.Journal of Surgical Research, , 279 ,200-207 More Information

Ammann A.M.; Delman A.M.; Bethi M.; Turner K.M.; Sedaghat A.R.; Holm T.M. (09-01-2022. ) Gender Disparities in Academic Productivity and Promotion Among Endocrine Surgery Faculty.Journal of Surgical Research, , 277 ,335-341 More Information

Turner K.M.; Delman A.M.; Ammann A.M.; Sohal D.; Olowokure O.; Choe K.A.; Smith M.T.; Kharofa J.R.; Ahmad S.A.; Wilson G.C.; Patel S.H. (07-01-2022. ) Is There a Benefit to Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Resected, Early Stage Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinom.Annals of Surgical Oncology, , 29 (7 ) ,4610-4619 More Information

Delman A.M.; Turner K.M.; Ammann A.M.; Schepers E.; Vaysburg D.M.; Cortez A.R.; Van Haren R.M.; Wilson G.C.; Shah S.A.; Quillin R.C. (06-01-2022. ) The volume-outcomes relationship in donation after circulatory death liver transplantation.Clinical Transplantation, , 36 (6 ) , More Information

Ammann A.M.; Cortez A.R.; Vaysburg D.M.; Winer L.K.; Sussman J.J.; Potts J.R.; Van Haren R.; Quillin R.C. (02-01-2022. ) Examining the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the operative volumes of US general surgery residen.Surgery (United States), , 171 (2 ) ,354-359 More Information

Ammann A.M.; Wallen T.E.; Delman A.M.; Turner K.M.; Salvator A.; Pritts T.A.; Makley A.T.; Goodman M.D. (01-01-2022. ) Low Volume Blood Product Transfusion Patterns And Ratios After Injury.American Journal of Surgery, , More Information

Delman A.M.; Turner K.M.; Ammann A.M.; Tang A.; Steward D.; Holm T.M. (01-01-2022. ) Avoiding delays in time to renal transplantation: Pretransplant thyroid malignancy does not affect p.Surgery (United States), , 171 (1 ) ,220-226 More Information

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Ammann A.M.; Delman A.M.; Shah S.A. (09-01-2021. ) Using Technology to Facilitate Monitoring of Transplant Patients.Current Transplantation Reports, , 8 (3 ) ,228-234 More Information

Delman A.M.; Ammann A.M.; Turner K.M.; Vaysburg D.M.; van Haren R.M. (06-01-2021. ) A narrative review of socioeconomic disparities in the treatment of esophageal cancer.Journal of Thoracic Disease, , 13 (6 ) ,3801-3808 More Information

Ammann A.M.; Shah S.A. (06-01-2021. ) Unintended Consequences of Centralization? Increased Care Fragmentation and Subsequent Mortality aft.Journal of the American College of Surgeons, , 232 (6 ) ,933-934 More Information

Delman A.M.; Ammann A.M.; Shah S.A. (04-01-2021. ) The current status of virus-positive liver transplantation.Current opinion in organ transplantation, , 26 (2 ) ,160-167 More Information

Ammann A.M.; Vaysburg D.M.; Paquette I.M. (01-01-2021. ) The Altemeier Procedure: Then and Now.Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, , E371 More Information

Professional Affiliation

2014 -2018: General Surgery Club, Texas Tech University School of Medicine

2015 -2018: Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG), Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine (Secretary, 2015-2016)

2014 -2018: Medical Student Service Organization (MSSO), Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine (Vice President, 2015-2016)

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267-0558
Phone: 513-558-4206