Andie Anderson

Andie Nicole Anderson

Instructor - Adjunct Ann

Old Chemistry Building

A&S Romance Language Adjuncts - 0377

Professional Summary

Andie is a language instructor with a background in second language acquisition and applied linguistics. She holds an M.A. in Spanish with a focus on pedagogy from the University of Cincinnati and a B.A. in Spanish and International Affairs from the University of Cincinnati. She is passionate about helping her students succeed in their language learning journey, and she loves to watch them grow as Spanish speakers. She has experience teaching both in person and virtually, and is dedicated to consistently integrating new and innovative technology tools into the language classroom.


Bachelor of Arts: University of Cincinnati 2019 (Spanish & International Affairs)

Master of Arts: University of Cincinnati 2021 (Spanish (Pedagogy))

Positions and Work Experience

08-2019 -08-2020 Head Graduate Assistant - Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures, Worked closely with the directors of graduate and undergraduate studies for the Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures on a variety of projects. Helped plan and organize various departmental events. Maintained the social media pages for the department., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

08-2020 -04-2021 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Taught synchronous Basic Intensive Spanish courses online using a flipped classroom model., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


Paper Presentations

Vojtko Rubí, J. & Anderson, A. (07-08-2021. ) Students’ Perspectives on Tools to Promote Learner Engagement in the Virtual Language Classroom: What Really Works? .Atlanta, GA. Conference. Level:International

Vojtko Rubí, J., Johann, A., & Anderson, A. (07-09-2021. ) Designing and Implementing a Virtual Escape Room for a Beginner Language Class .Atlanta, GA. Conference. Level:International

Anderson, A., Kruse, C., & Moranski, K. (04-03-2021. ) The Role of Research Assistants in Multisite Applied Linguistics Research: Studying the Impact of Metacognitive Instruction on Learner-Learner Interaction .(Virtual) Cincinnati, OH. Conference. Level:Regional

Courses Taught

-SPAN-1001 BASIC SPANISH I Level:Undergraduate

-SPAN-1002 BASIC SPANISH II Level:Undergraduate