Ahmad Anjak

Ahmad Anjak

Assistant Professor of Clinical


Medical Degree, Aleppo University - Faculty of Medicine 1996

Internship, Aleppo University Hospital Aleppo 1997 (Department of Diagnostic Radiology)

Internship , New York Methodist Hospital/Cornell University Medical College 1999 (Internal Medicine)

Residency, St. Luke's Hospital/St. Louis University School of Medicine 2001 (Internal Medicine )

Fellowship, Division of Cardiology University of Cincinnati 2011 (Cardiac Imaging)

Fellowship, University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio, 2018 (Nephrology)

Research and Practice Interests


Clinical Focus

Internal Medicine


Internal Medicine



American Board of Internal Medicine (Nephrology)


American Board of Internal Medicine



Peer Reviewed Publications

Haghighi, Kobra; Pritchard, Tracy; Bossuyt, Julie; Waggoner, Jason R; Yuan, Qunying; Fan, Guo-Chang; Osinska, Hanna; Anjak, Ahmad; Rubinstein, Jack; Robbins, Jeffrey; Bers, Donald M; Kranias, Evangelia G (2011. ) The human phospholamban Arg14-deletion mutant localizes to plasma membrane and interacts with the Na/K-ATPase.Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, ,

Anjak, Ahmad; López-Candales, Angel; Lopez, Francisco R; Harris, David; Elwing, Jean (2014. ) Objective measures of right ventricular function during exercise: results of a pilot study.Echocardiography (Mount Kisco, N.Y.), , 31 (4 ) ,508-15

Pritchard, Tracy J; Kawase, Yoshiaki; Haghighi, Kobra; Anjak, Ahmad; Cai, Wenfeng; Jiang, Min; Nicolaou, Persoulla; Pylar, George; Karakikes, Ioannis; Rapti, Kleopatra; Rubinstein, Jack; Hajjar, Roger J; Kranias, Evangelia G (2013. ) Active inhibitor-1 maintains protein hyper-phosphorylation in aging hearts and halts remodeling in failing hearts.PloS one, , 8 (12 ) ,e80717

Basford, Joshua E; Koch, Sheryl; Anjak, Ahmad; Singh, Vivek P; Krause, Eric G; Robbins, Nathan; Weintraub, Neal L; Hui, David Y; Rubinstein, Jack (2013. ) Smooth muscle LDL receptor-related protein-1 deletion induces aortic insufficiency and promotes vascular cardiomyopathy in mice.PloS one, , 8 (11 ) ,e82026

Koch, Sheryl E; Haworth, Kevin J; Robbins, Nathan; Smith, Margaret A; Lather, Navneet; Anjak, Ahmad; Jiang, Min; Varma, Priyanka; Jones, W Keith; Rubinstein, Jack (2013. ) Age- and gender-related changes in ventricular performance in wild-type FVB/N mice as evaluated by conventional and vector velocity echocardiography imaging: a retrospective study.Ultrasound in medicine & biology, , 39 (11 ) ,2034-43

Florea, Stela; Anjak, Ahmad; Cai, Wen-Feng; Qian, Jiang; Vafiadaki, Elizabeth; Figueria, Sarah; Haghighi, Kobra; Rubinstein, Jack; Lorenz, John; Kranias, Evangelia G (2012. ) Constitutive phosphorylation of inhibitor-1 at Ser67 and Thr75 depresses calcium cycling in cardiomyocytes and leads to remodeling upon aging.Basic research in cardiology, , 107 (5 ) ,279

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Room 6102
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0535
Phone: 513-558-5471
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