Verda Arshad

Verda Arshad

Clinical Instructor

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
As I continue striving to build upon opportunities, I regularly remind myself of what drove me to pursue medicine. My mother is a physician, so the stories I grew up with dictated a very specific meaning of being a doctor: you help sick people feel better, and offer a listening ear to them in their most vulnerable states. I saw this idea materialize during my internal medicine clerkship. I remember a patient, with complications of anorexia nervosa, who was quiet and withdrawn to the point that it was hindering her care. At the end of my workday, I dropped by her room, an effort that resulted in a conversation about our mutual love for dogs. Following this, she was more willing to talk to me about her condition and adhere to my team’s recommendations. I realized that establishing a personal connection with my patient not only left me feeling fulfilled but also had an immense clinical impact. Building such personal human connections is a critical part of what medicine is about for me, and I aim to prioritize this as I progress in my career.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
When I first logged on to the UC website, the program stood out because it placed an emphasis on both personal and professional development. More importantly, they talked about why they believed both were important. I really appreciated how intentional UC was about the goals it had set forth for its trainees.  On my interview day, these initial impressions were reaffirmed when I heard Dr. Warm’s presentation and in my conversations with faculty members. It was an easy decision for me to pick UC after realizing that my thought process aligns with the program’s.


MBBS: Aga Khan University Medical College