Aviva Atri Schuller

Aviva Atri Schuller

Clinical Instructor - GME

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
As a resident and beyond, I aim to diagnose and treat by incorporating a person’s disease into what makes them human: their emotions, understanding, beliefs, cultural sensitivities, as well as their familial and social context. In Internal Medicine, having a strong understanding of who the patient is and where they come from strengthens the doctor-patient alliance, allowing us to become partners in care. Throughout my training, I became aware of trust issues many immigrants, refugees, and victims of trauma face towards medical providers and the medical system. I am now keenly aware of the fact that access to healthcare depends on more than just opportunity; it is a combination of factors including language, fear, finances, misconceptions, past experiences, education, and social support. I aim to help reinstall trust in the medical system through honesty and transparency, in an effort to bridge the gap to healthcare for all patient populations.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
One of my priorities in choosing a residency program was making sure the program always puts patients first. UC's commitment to patients and advocacy for equality in healthcare through opportunities like the Community Health and Advocacy pathway resonated with my goal of wanting to serve the underserved. In addition, I know UC will provide a supportive environment while appropriately challenging me to become the best clinician I can be. I believe in the Growth Mindset philosophy, evidence-based training/thinking, and need to embrace change. Finally, through the interactions that I had with the UC community, from residents to faculty, I could sense their genuine love for the program, and it made me want to be a part of the UC community.


DO: Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine