Oluwole Awosika

Oluwole Oladimeji Awosika

Asst Professor - Clin Geo

Medical Sciences Building


COM Neurology PM&R - 0530

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
260 Stetson Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Professional Summary

In-patient/Out-patient Neurorehabilitation (Stroke, TBI)

Spasticity Management

Neuropathic Pain Management NeuroRecovery Research


MD, University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine Chicago, IL,

Positions and Work Experience

09-01-2016 - Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, MSB

Research and Practice Interests

UC Health Clinical Focus


UC Health Specialities


Rehabilitation Medicine

Research Support

Grant: #R01HD093694 Investigators:Awosika, Oluwole; Boyne, Pierce; Carl, Daniel; Dunning, Kari; Gerson, Myron; Kissela, Brett 04-03-2018 -02-28-2023 National Institute of Child Health and Human Development High-Intensity Interval Training to Recover Walking Post-Stroke: HIT-Stroke Trial Role:Collaborator $717,717.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #2020 Career Development Award Investigators:Awosika, Oluwole 07-01-2020 -06-30-2023 American Academy of Neurology Taking Steps Backward to Move Forward: A Novel Neurorehabilitative Approach in Stroke Locomotor Recovery Role:PI $450,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

Awosika, Oluwole O; Sandrini, Marco; Volochayev, Rita; Thompson, Ryan M; Fishman, Nathan; Wu, Tianxia; Floeter, Mary Kay; Hallett, Mark; Cohen, Leonardo G Transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation improves locomotor learning in healthy humans.Brain stimulation, ,12 (3 ),628-634

Boyne, Pierce; Maloney, Thomas; DiFrancesco, Mark; Fox, Michael D; Awosika, Oluwole; Aggarwal, Pushkar; Woeste, Jennifer; Jaroch, Laurel; Braswell, Daniel; Vannest, Jennifer (2018. )Resting-state functional connectivity of subcortical locomotor centers explains variance in walking capacity.Human brain mapping, ,39 (12 ),4831-4843

Coleman, Elisheva R; Moudgal, Rohitha; Lang, Kathryn; Hyacinth, Hyacinth I; Awosika, Oluwole O; Kissela, Brett M; Feng, Wuwei (2017. )Early Rehabilitation After Stroke: a Narrative Review.Current atherosclerosis reports, ,19 (12 ),59

Quentin, Romain; Awosika, Oluwole; Cohen, Leonardo G (2019. )Plasticity and recovery of function.Handbook of clinical neurology, ,163 ,473-483

Sandrini, Marco; Xu, Benjamin; Volochayev, Rita; Awosika, Oluwole; Wang, Wen-Tung; Butman, John A; Cohen, Leonardo G (2019. )Transcranial direct current stimulation facilitates response inhibition through dynamic modulation of the fronto-basal ganglia network.Brain stimulation, ,

Xu, Benjamin; Sandrini, Marco; Levy, Sarah; Volochayev, Rita; Awosika, Oluwole; Butman, John A; Pham, Dzung L; Cohen, Leonardo G (2017. )Lasting deficit in inhibitory control with mild traumatic brain injury.Scientific reports, ,7 (1 ),14902

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Xu, Benjamin; Sandrini, Marco; Wang, Wen-Tung; Smith, Jason F; Sarlls, Joelle E; Awosika, Oluwole; Butman, John A; Horwitz, Barry; Cohen, Leonardo G (2016. )PreSMA stimulation changes task-free functional connectivity in the fronto-basal-ganglia that correlates with response inhibition efficiency.Human brain mapping, ,37 (9 ),3236-49

See, Reiner B; Awosika, Oluwole O; Cambria, Richard P; Conrad, Mark F; Lancaster, Robert T; Patel, Virendra I; Chitilian, Hovig V; Kumar, Sandeep; Simon, Mirela V (2016. )Extended Motor Evoked Potentials Monitoring Helps Prevent Delayed Paraplegia After Aortic Surgery.Annals of neurology, ,79 (4 ),636-45

Bernstock, Joshua D; Budinich, Craig S; Cohen, Leonardo G; Awosika, Oluwole O (2016. )Recrudescence of Focal Stroke Symptoms during Pain Management with Hydromorphone.Frontiers in neurology, ,7 ,50

Awosika, Oluwole O; Lyons, Jennifer L; Ciarlini, Pedro; Phillips, Richard E; Alfson, Elizabeth D; Johnson, Emily L; Koo, Sophia; Marty, Francisco; Drew, Clifton; Zaki, Sherif; Folkerth, Rebecca D; Klein, Joshua P (2013. )Fatal adenovirus encephalomyeloradiculitis in an umbilical cord stem cell transplant recipient.Neurology, ,80 (18 ),1715-7

Alfson, Elizabeth D; Awosika, Oluwole O; Singhal, Tarun; Fricchione, Gregory L Lysis of catatonic withdrawal by propofol in a bone-marrow transplant recipient with adenovirus limbic encephalitis.Psychosomatics, ,54 (2 ),192-5

Lyons, Jennifer L; Scripko, Patricia D; Mukerji, Shibani S; Awosika, Oluwole; Shieh, Wun-Ju; Zaki, Sherif; DeLeon-Carnes, Marlene; Taylor, Christopher; Milner, Dan; Johnson, Jennifer A; Klein, Joshua P (2012. )Propionibacterium acnes brain abscess in a patient with HIV-1 infection.Journal of neurovirology, ,18 (2 ),148-50

Espinosa-Jeffrey, Araceli; Oregel, Karlos; Wiggins, Laurent; Valera, Remelyn; Bosnoyan, Kathrin; Agbo, Chioma; Awosika, Oluwole; Zhao, Paul M; de Vellis, Jean; Woerly, Stéphane (2012. )Strategies for endogenous spinal cord repair: HPMA hydrogel to recruit migrating endogenous stem cells.Advances in experimental medicine and biology, ,760 ,25-52

Woerly, Stéphane; Awosika, Oluwole; Zhao, Paul; Agbo, Chioma; Gomez-Pinilla, Fernando; de Vellis, Jean; Espinosa-Jeffrey, Araceli Expression of heat shock protein (HSP)-25 and HSP-32 in the rat spinal cord reconstructed with Neurogel.Neurochemical research, ,30 (6-7 ),721-35

Espinosa-Jeffrey, Araceli; Zhao, Paul; Awosika, Wole; Wu, Nanping; Macias, Fernando; Cepeda, Carlos; Levine, Michael; de Vellis, Jean (2006. )Activation, proliferation and commitment of endogenous stem/progenitor cells to the oligodendrocyte lineage by TS1 in a rat model of dysmyelination.Developmental neuroscience, ,28 (6 ),488-98

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