Sayonara Barbosa

Sayonara de Fatima Faria Barbosa

Asst Professor

Procter Hall

CON Population Health Sciences - 0038

Professional Summary

Dr. Sayonara Barbosa is from Brazil and has devoted her professional career to the intricate domains of critical care and nursing informatics. She earned her Doctoral degree in Health Informatics from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil. Throughout her doctoral journey, Dr. Barbosa was honored with the prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholar grant, facilitating her scholarly pursuits at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Subsequently, she pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. Before joining the University of Cincinnati, she held the esteemed position of Full Professor at the Federal University Santa Catarina, Brazil, where she played a pivotal role in co-founding Brazil's foremost multiprofessional master's program in health informatics. Her research and teaching have been steadfastly directed toward the development and assessment of different health informatics applications aimed at enhancing health outcomes and bolstering patient safety in a multidisciplinary approach. Dr. Barbosa's substantial individual and national/international contributions emanate from her rich clinical background and her investigations into critical care nursing coupled with the integration of emerging technologies into the healthcare domain. In Brazil, Dr. Barbosa has assumed various roles, including the presidency of the Nursing Department of the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine. Moreover, she serves as the international representative of the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics at the prestigious International Medical Informatics Association. Dr. Barbosa's specific research interests include health informatics applications harnessing large datasets to scrutinize and proffer enhancements for patient safety. This research trajectory is intricately interwoven with the realms of data science and the digital landscapes that characterize future healthcare frontiers. In synthesizing her clinical acumen with cutting-edge research, Dr. Barbosa endeavors to bridge the theoretical-practical gap, contributing substantively to the formulation and implementation of informed healthcare strategies.


PhD: Federal University of São Paulo Brazil, 2004

Master Degree: Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil, 1994

Bachelor : Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 1986


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Published Books

1. Rotegård AK, Skiba DJ, Barbosa SFF, Alcazar AGD (2018. ) Nursing Informatics 2018- ICT to Improve Quality and Safety at the Point of Care. .Amsterdam , IOS Press Books (Co-Editor)

Book Chapter

Barbosa SFF, Sasso GTMD (2023 ) Opportunities and risks of health IT applications, methods and devices Nursing Informatics A Health Informatics, Interprofessional and Global Perspective .London, Springer-Nature (Co-Author)