J C Barnes

J C Barnes


Professor and Interim Director

Teachers College


CECH Criminal Justice - 0389

Professional Summary

Professor Barnes received his doctorate from the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University.  He has two primary areas of research interest. First, his research seeks to identify how genetic and environmental factors combine to impact criminological phenomena. Second, he studies the offender decision-making process in order to gain insight into the way in which offenders choose their targets. To that end, he has published in a wide range of outlets including Behavior Genetics, Criminology, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Psychological Bulletin, and Psychological Science.

Research Support

Grant: #R40201 Investigators:Barnes, J C 07-01-2018 -12-31-2019 UC's Collaborative Research Advancement Grant Program - Track 1: Pilot Teams Using Virtual Reality to Understand Criminal Decision-Making: A Novel Interdisciplinary Approach Role:PI $25,000.00 Closed Level:Internal UC

Grant: #R40539 Investigators:Barnes, J C; Gerard, Daniel 10-01-2019 -06-30-2020 UC's Urban Futures Digital Futures Anchor Development Program Development of a Virtual Reality Augmented Violence Reduction Training System for Active and Mass Shooting incidents Role:PI $10,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #2017-JG-A02-V6351 Investigators:Barnes, J C; Tang, Ming 04-01-2020 -03-31-2021 Department of Justice Virtual Reality Training for Ohio Law Enforcement Role:PI $50,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #AC-SEL / H027A200111A Investigators:Barnes, J C; Ottley, Jennifer; Telfer, Deborah 01-01-2021 -06-30-2021 Department of Education Addressing the Academic and Social-Emotional Learning Needs of Adolescents with Disabilities or At-risk of Being Identified with a Disability in a Pilot District Role:Collaborator $175,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #AC-SEL Investigators:Barnes, J C; Ottley, Jennifer 07-01-2021 -06-30-2022 Ohio Department of Education AC-SEL Role:Collaborator 200000.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of

Grant: #4600049760 Investigators:Barnes, J C; Newsome, Jamie 12-01-2021 -09-30-2022 Arkansas Community Correction Validation of the Arkansas Offender Risk Assessment Role:PI 75500.00 Hold Level:Other

Grant: #403-19-2684 / BJA 2018-SM-BX-0005 Investigators:Barnes, J C; Latessa, Edward; Lux, Jennifer 09-13-2018 -06-30-2023 Bureau of Justice Assistance Innovations in Supervision Initiative: Building Capacity to Create Safer Communities Proposal Outline for ORAS 2.0 Role:PI 454843.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #DPS010324 Investigators:Barnes, J C; Smith, Paula 07-01-2022 -06-30-2024 Ohio Department of Public Safety Training and Technical Assistance for School Violence Prevention Resources Role:Collaborator 439394.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of