Riccardo Barrile

Riccardo Barrile

Assistant Professor

Positions and Work Experience

2017 -2018 Principal Investigator, Leading the research and development of enabling technologies for studying vascular hemostasis and thrombosis, lung cancer and a stem-cell derived in vitro model of the blood brain barrier for precision medicine applications , Emulate Inc., Boston (MA, USA)

2018 -2019 Associate Director, Establishment and oversee of multiple scientific collaborations with academic and pharma partners, which aimed toward the advancement and qualification of the Blood Vessel-on-Chip, Lung Alveolus-on-Chip and Liver-on-Chip models for detection of clinically relevant biomarkers associated with drug-induced toxicity., Emulate Inc., Boston (MA, USA)

Research Support

Grant: #N/A Investigators:Barrile, Riccardo 01-01-2021 -01-31-2021 UC's Launch Awards Research Launch Awards (January 2020 class of faculty) Role:PI $2,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #Project #2022-01 Alan and Helene Goldberg Investigators:Barrile, Riccardo 02-21-2022 -02-20-2024 Johns Hopkins University A Sensor-Powered Blood-Vessel on-Chip for Deciphering of COVID-19-Vaccine Induced Thrombosis and De-risking Future Antibody Therapies Role:PI 0.00 Hold Level:Higher Education

Grant: #CHMC CuSTOM Investigators:Barrile, Riccardo 02-01-2022 -01-31-2023 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Bioengineering and organotypic human blood-brain barrier model Role:PI 25000.00 Hold Level:Non Profit

Grant: #OS00000851/401484 / 1R01HL167700-01A1 Investigators:Barrile, Riccardo 04-01-2024 -03-31-2028 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Pathogenesis of Vascular Anomalies with GNAQ mutations Role:PI 26973.00 Hold Level:Non Profit

Grant: #Complement-ARIE Challenge Investigators:Barrile, Riccardo 06-01-2024 -05-31-2025 Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health Synergistic Integration of Patient-Derived Immunocompetent Assembloids into a Sensor-Enabled Microphysiological System for Advanced Neuroinflammation Studies Role:PI 50000.00 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Thacker, Vivek V; Dhar, Neeraj; Sharma, Kunal; Barrile, Riccardo; Karalis, Katia; McKinney, John D (2020. ) A lung-on-chip model of early Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection reveals an essential role for alveolar epithelial cells in controlling bacterial growth.eLife, , 9 , More Information

Invited Publications

Patrick Ng, Chaitra Belgur, Sonalee Barthakur, Andries D. van der Meer, Geraldine A. Hamilton, Riccardo Barrile (2019. ) Organs-on-Chips: a new paradigm for safety assessment of drug-induced thrombosis.Current Opinion in Toxicology, 17 (2019 ) ,1 -8More Information

Post Graduate Training and Education

2011-2014 PhD in Developmental Biology., Investigating the cellular mechanism adopted by Neisseria meningitidis to colonize and penetrate the airway epithelium and the vascular blood brain barrier using in vitro relevant models., Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics & University of Siena, , Siena, Italy

2015-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Development of a breathing human Alveolus Lung-Chip for studying of pulmonary thrombosis and monoclonal antibody induced toxicity, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard Medical School, , Boston (MA, USA)

2016-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow, Development of a personalized model of the human blood-brain-barrier on-chip, Cedar Sinai Medical Centre, , Los Angeles (CA, USA)

Professional Affiliation

2017: Member of the International Blood Brain Barrier Society

Patents and Inventions

ca2987271 a1 Methods, systems, and compositions for determining blood clot formation, and uses thereof BAD DATE

20170285003 Devices, systems and methods for inhibiting invasion and metastases of cancer BAD DATE

20180017584 Additive channels BAD DATE

WO/2018/102201 In vitro epithelial models comprising lamina propria-derived cells BAD DATE

Other Information

Research Faculty memeber of the Center for Stem Cell & Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM) at the Cincinnati Children Hospital,