Wisam Beauti

Wisam Beauti

Clinical Instructor

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
My siblings and I walked along the ancient cobblestone path as we passed one historic brick building after another. I inhaled the nearby scent of freshly washed laundry being hung on clotheslines by a local as my father pointed toward the dilapidated one-room orifice of stones where he and his family of nine grew up. My twelve-year-old eyes wide in astonishment, I continued to trail behind him with my six siblings like a row of ducklings as he led us through the Bethlehem shanty town. Although my parents’ homeland was a war-torn occupied territory, they represented Palestine and instilled its rich culture and pride into their children. My parents moved to America in search of the American dream that everyone in the world desired. Here, they sought life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, cultivating fortitude and resilience in their seven children. Being an intrinsic leader during an upbringing riddled with tumultuous times of financial adversity, relocation, and assimilation promoted my focus, resilience, and outward compassion. These qualities have manifested themselves as I devoted my life to the challenging pursuit of medicine and research.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
The educational innovations project is a big reason as to why I chose to put Cincinnati first. I have been committed to incorporating evidence-based research into my practice of medicine and UC goes beyond that by basing their IM training foundation on evidence-based research. Additionally, I have family and friends in and around the area and Cincinnati is a beautiful city!


MD: University of Mississippi School of Medicine