Michael M Behbehani


Medical Sciences Building


COM PSP Systems Physiology - 0505

Research and Practice Interests

The region of periaqueductal gray PAG is a major component ofa powerful inhibitory system that can be activated thoughdecending forebrain imputs - the lateral hypothalamus - pre opticregions and frontal cortex. Currently information aboutanatomical and functional properties of the interaction betweenthese sites and PAG and the neuron network within PAG that isinvolved in integration of these signals is not known. The overallgoal of this project is to obtain this information. New findings inthe previous funding period have led to the formulation of a novelhypotheses of the functional organization of PAG: We suggestthat forebrain afferents terminate in discrete rostrocaudal 'inputcolumns'. These 'input columns' overlap and activate 'localpeptidergic networks' which integrates these signals and producelong-lasting actions on 'output columns', that consists ofrostrocaudally continuous columns of neuros that project out ofPAG. To test this hypothesis, two interrelated series ofanatomical and physiological experiments will be conducted: AForebrain modulation of PAG The anatomical experiments in thefirst project are designed to: 1 determine the percise locationof the terminals of forebrain afferents to the PAG by usinganterograde and retrograde tracing procedures, 2 to obtaininformation about the neurotransmitters that may be involved inthe interaction between forebrain and PAG by usingimmunocytochemistry and double labeling precedures. Parallelphysiological experiments using single unit recording, iontophoresis and micropressure injection procedures will be usedto determine the involvement of neurotransmitters, characterizedin anatomical experiments, in the interaction between each of theabove forebrain sites and PAG. B PAG Local Networks In thesecond project,PAG slices maintained in vitro will be usedPharmacological experiments using a novel microstimulationtechnique, single unit recording and micropressure injection ofneuropeptides will be conducted to obtain information about thefunctional characteristics of PAG local networks and the role ofneuropeptides and their functions. Information obtained in thesestudies will increase our understanding of the properties of themediated pain inhibitory system.

Research Support

Grant: #SRS 000585 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael; Collier, Timothy; Sortwell, Caryl 12-01-2006 -12-31-2007 University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute STN Deep Brain Stimulation and Neuroprotection Role:Collaborator $20,628.00 Closed Level:Industry

Grant: #5-R01-NS-20643-15-A0-S0-E0 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael 06-07-1999 -04-30-2003 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Neuropeptides and Pain Inhibition Role:PI $734,424.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #SRS 004893 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael; Collier, Timothy; Lipton, Jack; Mandybur, George; Sortwell, Caryl 04-01-2007 -09-30-2008 University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalmic Nucleus in Rats Role:Collaborator $120,953.00 Active Level:Industry

Grant: #260116B / EEC-0812348 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael; Butler, David; Dong, Zhongyun; Halsall, H Brian; Heineman, William; Montemagno, Carlo; Schulz, Mark; Shanov, Vesselin 09-01-2008 -08-31-2014 National Science Foundation Responsive Biosensors for Implants Role:Collaborator $3,800,000.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #F31 NS064696 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael; Engemann, Anne; Sortwell, Caryl 02-08-2009 -02-07-2011 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke The Neuroprotective Effects of HF STN-DBS Role:Collaborator $58,840.00 Active Level:Federal

Grant: #P50 NS058830 Investigators:Behbehani, Michael; Collier, Timothy; Herman, James; Lipton, Jack; Seroogy, Kim; Sortwell, Caryl; Steece-Collier, Kathy 09-30-2009 -07-31-2010 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Aging and Parkinson's Disease: Models of Therapeutics and Neurologic Comorbidity Role:Collaborator $1,279,260.00 Closed Level:Federal


Neuron,Analgesia,Lidocaine,Enkephalin,Patch Clamp,Spinal Cord,Neuroanatomy,Neuropeptide,Mesencephalon,Protooncogene,Afferent Nerve,Laboratory Rat,Pain Tolerance,Prosencephalon,Regulatory Gene,Neural Inhibition,Brain Pathway Tract,Neural Transmission,Tissue Cell Culture,Autonomic Nervous System,Periaqueductal Gray Matter,Brain Electronic Stimulator,Neural Information Processing