Kishan Bellur

Kishan Bellur

Assistant Professor

Rhodes Hall


CEAS - Mechanical Eng - 0072

Professional Summary

Assistant Professor (Aug 2021 - present)
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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PhD: Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI, 2018 (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics)

MS: Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

BS: Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee, WI, 2013 (Mechanical Engineering)

Research and Practice Interests

Dr. Bellur's research is focused on liquid-vapor phase change and associated interfacial phenomena. Specific interests include evaporation/condensation, interfacial and capillary phenomena, cryogenics, micro-scale thermophysics, optical characterization, image processing, computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, scientific and high performance computing. If there is a liquid-vapor mixture that is either cold, in the microgravity of space or simply in a small container, he is probably interested in it!

Research Support

Grant: #80NSSC19K0160 Investigators:Jeffrey Allen and Kishan Bellur 10-01-2018 -10-01-2021 NASA Testing the Equivalence of Evaporation and Condensation Coefficients using the Constrained Vapor Bubble (CVB) Data from ISS Experiments Role:Co-I / Postdoc $198,580 Active Type:Grant Level:National


Peer Reviewed Publications

Bellur K.; Médici E.F.; Kulshreshtha M.; Konduru V.; Tyrewala D.; Tamilarasan A.; McQuillen J.; Leão J.B.; Hussey D.S.; Jacobson D.L.; Scherschligt J.; Hermanson J.C.; Choi C.K.; Allen J.S. (03-01-2016. ) A new experiment for investigating evaporation and condensation of cryogenic propellants. Cryogenics, , 74 ,131-137 More Information

Bellur K.; Medici E.; Allen J.; Choi C.K.; Hermanson J.; Tamilarasan A.; Hussey D.; Jacobson D.; Leao J.B.; McQuillen J. (01-01-2015. ) Neutron radiography of condensation and evaporation of hydrogen in a cryogenic condition. Journal of Heat Transfer, , 137 (8 ) , More Information

Bellur K.; Konduru V.; Kulshreshtha M.; Tyrewala D.; Medici E.; Allen J.S.; Choi C.K.; Hussey D.S.; Jacobson D.C.; Leão J.B.; McQuillen J.; Hermanson J.; Tamilarasan A. (02-01-2016. ) Contact angle measurement of liquid hydrogen (LH2) in stainless steel and alu. Journal of Heat Transfer, , 138 (2 ) , More Information

Bellur K.; Konduru V.; Médici E.F.; Hussey D.S.; Jacobson D.L.; LaManna J.M.; Allen J.S.; Choi C.K. (01-01-2016. ) Visualization of the evaporation and condensation phenomena in cryogenic propellants. Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing, , 23 (1-2 ) ,137-156 More Information

Bellur K.; Hussey D.; Jacobson D.; Lamana J.; Medici E.; Hermanson J.; Allen J.S.; Choi C.K. (03-01-2018. ) Neutron attenuation analysis of cryogenic propellants. Journal of Heat Transfer, , 140 (3 ) , More Information

Bellur K.; Médici E.; Hermanson J.; Choi C.; Allen J. (04-01-2018. ) Determining solid-fluid interface temperature distribution during phase change of cryogenic propellants using transient thermal modeling. Cryogenics, , 91 ,103-111 More Information

Narkar A.; Kendrick C.; Bellur K.; Leftwich T.; Zhang Z.; Lee B. (07-10-2019. ) Rapidly responsive smart adhesive-coated micropillars utilizing catechol-boronate complexation chemistry. Soft matter, , 15 (27 ) ,5474-5482 More Information

Ahangar S.B.; Bellur K.; Medici E.; Tajiri K.; Allen J.S.; Choi C.K. (01-01-2019. ) Optical properties and swelling of thin film perfluorinated sulfonic-acid ionomer. ECS Transactions, , 92 (8 ) ,197-204 More Information

Bellur K.; Médici E.F.; Choi C.K.; Hermanson J.C.; Allen J.S. (02-10-2020. ) Multiscale approach to model steady meniscus evaporation in a wetting fluid. Physical Review Fluids, , 5 (2 ) , More Information

Akkus Y.; Gurer A.T.; Bellur K. (01-01-2021. ) Drifting mass accommodation coefficients: in situ measurements from a steady state molecular dynamics setup. Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, , 25 (1 ) ,25-45 More Information

Post Graduate Training and Education

10-2018-12-2020 Postdoctoral Scholar, Michigan Tech / University of Michigan, , Houghton, MI / Ann Arbor, MI