Anna Belza

Anna Aleksandra Belza

Professional Summary

Anna Belza is a PhD candidate in Aegean Prehistory. Her dissertation is on LBA III Ayia Irini, Kea. She received her B.A. in Classical Studies from Sweet Briar College and her M.A. from Brandeis University. She completed an M.A. thesis at the University of Cincinnati entitled “(Re)assessing the Western String Model: Archaeological Data from the Cyclades Post-1979.”  Her research interests include Aegean Prehistory, Early-Late Bronze Age Greece, the Cyclades, archaeological theory, and the history of archaeology. She has excavated in Greece and Bulgaria. Anna was the Emily Townsend Vermeule Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2021-2022) and is currently the Edward Capps Advanced Fellow (2022-2023).

Abbreviated Publications

Conference/Workshop Proceedings

Belza, A. (forthcoming). “Between Crete and the Mainland: From the Neopalatial to the Mycenaean Cyclades,” in Sympozjum Egejskie: Papers in Aegean Archaeology 4, ed. S. Aulsebrook, K. Żebrowska, A. Ulanowska, and K. Lewartowski, Warsaw. 

Other Publication

Belza, A. 2018. “(Re)assessing the Western String Model: Archaeological Data from the Cyclades Post-1979” (MA thesis, Univ. of Cincinnati)

Work in Progress

Belza. A. (in prep.). Current Archaeological Data from the Cyclades: The Middle–early Late Bronze Age. 


Paper Presentations

(2015. ) The Imagined Boundary: Mycenaean Messenia Hither and Further Lands .Boston University 12th Biennial Graduate Conference.

(2015. ) You Can’t Sit With Us: Social Stratification in Mycenaean Feasting .Brandeis University Second Graduate Student Symposium.

(2015. ) The Philistine Question: Continuity or Imitation of Mycenaean Material Culture? .The 2015 Canadian Institute in Greece’s Biannual Student Conference.

(2012. ) Portraying the Cultural Other: The Exoticism of Ancient Greek Art .Sweet Briar College Senior Colloquia.

(2021. ) Between Crete and the Mainland: From the Neopalatial to the Mycenaean Cyclades .University of Warsaw, Poland.

(10-2022. ) Ceramic Consumption Patterns at Ayia Irini, Kea in the Mycenaean Period .Workshop. Level:International