Suzanne Bennett

Suzanne Bennett

Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesia Program Director, Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship Co-Medical Director of the CVICU

Medical Sciences Building


COM Anesthesiology - 0531

University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Room MRP 321
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219


Nursing Diploma, Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing 1993

Bachelor's Degree, University of Cincinnati 1996 (Nursing)

Medical Degree, University of Cincinnati 2004

Internship, The Christ Hospital 2005 (Internal Medicine)

Residency, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 2008 (Anesthesia)

Fellowship, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 2009 (Anesthesia Critical Care)

Research and Practice Interests

Trauma/Critical Care, Thoracic Surgery, Transplantation

Clinical Focus


Critical Care Medicine



Critical Care Medicine


American Board of Anesthesiology


American Board of Anesthesiology (Critical Care)



Peer Reviewed Publications

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Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Room MRP 321
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-558-4194
Fax: 513-584-4003