Jeffrey Blevins

Jeffrey Layne Blevins

Head, Department of Journalism & Associate Professor

McMicken Hall

22 B

A&S Journalism - 0174

Professional Summary

Dr. Blevins is an Associate Professor and Head of the Journalism Department.  Tenured in the Department of English & Comparative Literature, he also holds courtesy appointments in the Department of Communication, and Department of Political Science.  His Scholarship is grounded in U.S. telecommunication law and policy and engages critical political economy theory.  Dr. Blevins' published research has examined media ownership regulation, First Amendment jurisprudence on media ownership regulation, Internet media policy and the politics of the telecommunication policymaking process.  He has provided expertise on electronic media regulation and Federal Communications Commission policymaking to international, national, regional and local news media.  In 2009 Dr. Blevins served as a federal grant reviewer for the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program administered by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce.  He is a frequent opinion-editorial columnist for major news outlets, including USA Today, The Cincinnati Enquirer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and other venues.
Jeffrey Blevins CV


Ph.D., Ohio University 2001 (Telecommunication)

M.S., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 1998 (Mass Communication)

B.S., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 1995 (Mass Communication)

Research Support

Grant: #1708-04721 Investigators:Blevins, Jeffrey; Culley, Theresa; Johnson, Arlene; Lee, James; Wang, Xuemao; Wu, Tzu-Yu 01-01-2018 -06-30-2020 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation A Catalyst Model for Transdisciplinary Teams in Digital Scholarship: The University of Cincinnati’s Digital Scholarship Center Role:Collaborator $900,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #R40527 Investigators:Bastos, Flavia Maria Cunha; Blevins, Jeffrey; Hughes, Sean; Iversen, Kristen; Lind, Amy; Torner, Evan 10-01-2019 -03-31-2020 UC's Urban Futures Digital Futures Anchor Development Program Story-telling & Social Justice Role:Collaborator $10,000.00 Active Level:Internal UC


Peer Reviewed Publications

Blevins, J. L. (2016. )Panoptic Missorts and the Hegemony of U.S. Data Privacy Policy .The Political Economy of Communication, ,4 (2 ),18

Blevins, J. L. (2014. )The Political Economy of Corporate Power and Free Speech in the United States .Media Watch, ,5 (2 ),209

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Blevins, J. L. (2002. )Source Diversity After the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Media Oligarchs Begin to Colonize Cyberspace .Television & New Media, ,3 (1 ),95

Other Publications

Blevins, J.L. (2013. )Using Opinion-Editorial Writing Exercises Across Media Platforms for Electronic Media Law & Policy Courses .Journal of Media Education, 4 (2 ),26

Blevins, J.L. (2012. )Teaching the principle and practice of diversity in electronic media law and policy courses .Journal of Media Education, 3 (4 ),5

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Cooper, C.A. & Blevins, J.L. (2000. )How Fairly Did ABC Apply TV Ratings Systems to Primetime Programing? A Content Analysis .Feedback, 41 (1 ),16

Book Chapter

Blevins, J.L. (2001 )Counter-Hegemonic Media: Can Cyberspace Resist Corporate Colonization? Cyberimperialism? Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier .(pp. 139).Westport, CT,Praeger

Blevins, J. L. (2019 )Social Media and Social Justice Movements after the Diminution of Black-Owned Media in the United States Media Across the African Diaspora: Content, Audiences and Global Influence .(pp. 191).New York,Routledge

Additional Publications


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Honors and Awards

2013 First Place, History Division Open Paper Competition. Broadcast Education Association Status:Recipient Level:National

2011 Third Place, Best Ideas in Teaching Communication Law & Policy Competition Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Monetary

2010 Champion of the First Amendment Society of Professional Journalists Status:Recipient Level:Local Type:Recognition

2002 Third Place, Management and Sales Division Case Study Competition Broadcast Education Association Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Recognition

2002 Favorite Broadast & Cinematic Arts Professor Central Michigan University Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Recognition

1999 First Place, Communication Technology Division Debut Paper Competition Broadcast Education Association Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Monetary

Courses Taught