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Professional Summary

Dr. Samantha Boch is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing and affiliate faculty at the James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She earned her MSN (2015) and PhD (2017) from The Ohio State University College of Nursing funded by the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) fellowship. Her post-doctoral training was completed in the Center of Child Health Equity and Outcomes Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Abigail Wexner Research Institute in 2020. During graduate school, she worked as a corrections nurse, primarily at the Ohio Reformatory for Women and then as a quality assurance administrative consultant for Franklin (Prison) Medical Center. As a forensic nurse scientist, her program of research centers on the social determinants of health with particular emphasis on understanding and mitigating the consequences of mass incarceration on child and family health. Her work is supported and sponsored by internal and external awards via an AHRQ/PCORI K12 PEDSnet Scholars Career Development Training Program (to deepen her methodologic training in learning health systems science), the NIH-NIMHD Loan Repayment Award for Clinician Scientists of Disadvantaged Backgrounds, NCATS, and the DOJ. Her work has been promoted locally and nationally through National Public Radio, the CDC, and the AAAS. 

This research directory profile is updated each May. Additional information surrounding Boch's scholarship, including prior to the 2020-2021 academic year, can be found in her CV (available upon request). 



PhD: The Ohio State University, 2017 (Nursing Science with a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in University and College Teaching)

MS: The Ohio State University, 2015 (Nursing Science; Specialization in Public Health Nursing)

BA: The Ohio State University, 2012 (Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies)

BS: The Ohio State University, 2012 (Nursing)

Post-Doctoral Scientist: (Nationwide Children's Hospital - Center of Child Health Equity and Outcomes, 2018-2020)

Research Support

Grant: #2019-IG-BX-0004 Investigators:Boch, Samantha 07-22-2020 -09-30-2022 Department of Justice Incarcerated Fathers and their Adolescent Children Role:PI $39,829.86 Active

Investigators:Boch, Samantha 01-01-2021 -12-31-2022 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Patient Centered Outcomes Research; "Social Justice and Equity: Bridging data science approaches to better understand and care for children of incarcerated parents" Role:PI institutional Type:Fellowship Level:National

Grant: #WVXL5308 Investigators:Boch, S 09-01-2021 -09-01-2023 NIH-NIMHD Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds Role:PI $50,000 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #UL1TR002733 Investigators:Boch, S., Chisolm D., 06-01-2020 -06-02-2021 NCATS Development of a Deep Learning Model Prototype for Identification of Children Exposed to Parental Incarceration Role:PI $40,000 Completed Type:Grant

Investigators:Boch, S 07-01-2019 -07-01-2020 Nationwide Children's Hospital Office of Trainee Affairs Barriers and Facilitators of Supporting Youth of Incarcerated Parents: A Community Based Research Project Role:PI $20,000 Completed Type:Grant

Grant: #2UL1TR001425-05A2. Investigators:Boch, S 07-01-2022 -06-30-2023 UC CCTST Care Coordination of Adults with Histories of Justice Involvement Role:PI $5000 Type:Grant

Investigators:Boch, S 06-01-2021 -06-01-2022 University of Cincinnati – Dean’s New Investigator Award Correctional Keyword Search in Pediatric Health Records $8,400 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #2UL1TR001425 Investigators:Murnan, A., Boch, S. (Co-PIs) 04-01-2023 -03-31-2024 UC CCTST Maternal Justice Involvement and Infant Health Data Hub Linkage Role:Co-PI 40,000 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #Grant #2UL1TR001425 Investigators:Murnan, A., Boch, S. (Co-PIs) 05-01-2022 -09-01-2022 UC CCTST UC CCTST Maternal Justice Involvement and Infant Health Data Hub Linkage Role:Co-PI $5000 Completed Type:Grant Level:Local

Grant: #3UH3DA050174-02S3 Investigators:Slesnick (PI) and Kelleher (mPI) 07-01-2023 -06-30-2024 NIDA Supplement to HOME Trial: Role of Justice-Involvement in Implementation and Effectiveness of Housing First for Youth Experiencing Homelessness Role:Consultant 169233 Active Type:Grant

Grant: #NA Investigators:Hayes, Smith, Boch 11-01-2023 -10-30-2024 UC Provost Office Disability, Accessibility, and Inclusion: An Innovative Health-Justice Collaboration and Analysis Role:Team $15,500 Active Type:Grant


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Ford, Jodi L.; Boch, Samantha J.; McCarthy, Donna (2016. ) Feasibility of Hair Collection for Cortisol Measurement in Population Research on Adolescent Health .Nursing research, , 65 (3 ) ,249-255

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Other Publications

Axelson, Andrew & Boch, Samantha (2019. ) A Hidden Epidemic: Parental Incarceration and What To Do When It Affects Your Patients .


Invited Presentations

Boch, S., and Kelleher, K (04-2021. ) What They Need Us to Know: Children of Incarcerated Parents. Nationwide Children's Hospital ,

Boch, S. (04-2021. ) Mass (Parental) Incarceration and Child Health Equity .UC Alumni Association, Virtual.

Boch, S., et al (2022. ) Mass (Parental) Incarceration and Child Health .Health Policy Institute of Ohio,

Boch, S (04-25-2022. ) Justice Involved Populations and Health Equity: A Forensic Nurse Scientist’s Call to Action .Virtual- Brown Bag Luncheon Series, National Institute of Nursing Research.

Paper Presentations

Boch, S (03-2021. ) Unjust: Health Records of Youth with Personal/Family Justice Involvement. .Midwest Nursing Research Society.

Boch, S. (06-2021. ) Bridging Data Science Approaches to Better Understand and Care for Children of Incarcerated Parents. .AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting. Level:National

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