Jordan Bonomo

Jordan B Bonomo

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Neurosurgery/Neurocritical Care, Neurology; Director, Emergency Medicine Critical Care Division and Director, Neurocritical Care Fellowship

Medical Sciences Building


COM Emergency Medicine - 0769

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0769

Professional Summary

Jordan Bonomo, MD, FCCM is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, an associate professor of Neurology in the Division of Neurocritical Care, and an associate professor of Neurosurgery. Bonomo has been a neuro-intensivist for the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute since 2009, and is the director of the Division of Critical Care in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the UC College of Medicine.

Bonomo is also the director of the Neurocritical Care Fellowship at UC. He has been a member of the University of Cincinnati Stroke Team since 2007, was a flight physician for the UC Medical Center Air Care from 2004 to 2010, and served as a tactical physician and assistant medical director for the Cincinnati Police SWAT team for 5 years. Bonomo’s research focuses on the management of acute traumatic brain injury, optimization of organ donation, resuscitation and the broader topic of critical care ethics. 

Bonomo, board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine with a UCNS sub-specialty qualification in Neurocritical Care, is also certified in Critical Care Ultrasound by the American College of Chest Physicians. He is an assistant medical director for organ donor management at LifeCenter Organ Donor Network in Cincinnati.


Bachelor's Degree, Brown University 1998 (Biomedical Ethics)

Medical Degree, Brown University School of Medicine 2003

Residency, University of Cincinnati 2008 (Emergency Medicine)

Fellowship, University of Cincinnati 2010 (Neurocritical Care)

UC Health Clinical Focus

Emergency Medicine

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Neurocritical Care

Emergency Medicine


American Board of Emergency Medicine


United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties


Research Support

Grant: #srs006940 Investigators:Adeoye, Opeolu; Bonomo, Jordan; Knight, William; Lindsell, Christopher 07-01-2010 -12-31-2011 Emergency Medicine Foundation The Incidence of Non-Convulsive Seizures in Patients Undergoing Therapeutic Hypothermia after Resuscitation from Cardiac Arrest Role:Collaborator $5,000.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ward, Michael J; Fertel, Baruch S; Bonomo, Jordan B; Smith, Carol L; Hart, Kimberly W; Lindsell, Christopher J; Wright, Stewart W (2012. )The degree of bandemia in septic ED patients does not predict inpatient mortality.The American journal of emergency medicine, ,30 (1 ),181-3

Broderick, Joseph P; Bonomo, Jordan B; Kissela, Brett M; Khoury, Jane C; Moomaw, Charles J; Alwell, Kathleen; Woo, Daniel; Flaherty, Matthew L; Khatri, Pooja; Adeoye, Opeolu; Ferioli, Simona; Kleindorfer, Dawn O (2011. )Withdrawal of antithrombotic agents and its impact on ischemic stroke occurrence.Stroke; a journal of cerebral circulation, ,42 (9 ),2509-14

Bonomo, Jordan B; Butler, Andrew S; Lindsell, Christopher J; Venkat, Arvind (2008. )Inadequate provision of postintubation anxiolysis and analgesia in the ED.The American journal of emergency medicine, ,26 (4 ),469-72

Bonomo, Jordan Bradley; Rinderknecht, Tanya Nicole; Beiser, Edward N (2003. )"It ain't easy being green," a case-based analysis of ethics and medical education on the wards. Medicine and health, Rhode Island, ,86 (9 ),276-8

Egan, M F; Hyde, T M; Bonomo, J B; Mattay, V S; Bigelow, L B; Goldberg, T E; Weinberger, D R (2001. )Relative risk of neurological signs in siblings of patients with schizophrenia. The American journal of psychiatry, ,158 (11 ),1827-34

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