Christopher Allen Bostick

IT Research Coordinator - COM

Medical Sciences Building


DTS COM Research IT - 0768


B.S.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2010 (Biopsychology)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ambro┬┤sio Jr.,R.; Tervo,T.; Wilson,S.E. (2008. ) Lasik-associated dry eye and neurotrophic epitheliopathy: pathophysiology and strategies for prevention and treatment .Journal of Refractive Surgery, , 24 (4 ) ,396 -407

Mohan,R.R.; Stapleton,W.M.; Sinha,S.; Netto,M.V.; Wilson,S.E. (2008. ) A novel method for generating corneal haze in anterior stroma of the mouse eye with the excimer laser .Experimental Eye Research, , 86 (2 ) ,235 -240

Stapleton,W.M.; Chaurasia,S.S.; Medeiros,F.W.; Mohan,R.R.; Sinha,S.; Wilson,S.E. (2008. ) Topical interleukin-1 receptor antagonist inhibits inflammatory cell infiltration into the cornea .Experimental Eye Research, ,


Student, Worker, Assistant