Sarah Bostic

Sarah Elizabeth Bostic

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Sarah (She/They) is a 2nd year PhD student in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. Sarah's research interests include Feminist and Sociological theoretical and qualitative approaches to social stratification and intersections of gender, race, class, and ability. They are interested in working-class processes of knowledge production and dissemination, and specifically how epistemic authority functions in the divide between white working-class men and the educated elite. They study the discursive ways in which working-class knowledge and experience are devalued as legitimate sources of knowledge. In her master’s thesis, she argues that white working-class men are increasingly alienated from Progressive politics through classist and ableist rhetoric. Continuing this work, she hopes to explore how White Christian Nationalism and the QAnon movement are implicated in white working-class knowledge production.

Sarah's secondary interests involve disability, fat, and queer studies, and the ways in which deviations from the able-bodied, heterosexual, normative body are regulated through biopolitical discourse.

Sarah Bostic's CV


Master of Humanities: Wright State University Dayton, Ohio, 2019 (Humanities with an emphasis on Gender and Sexuality)

Bachelor of Arts: Wright State University Dayton, Ohio, 2017 (Double Major, Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Research and Practice Interests

White working-class masculinity
Gender and Sexuality
Feminist Theory

Positions and Work Experience

2019 -2020 Adjunct Instructor, Sociology, Clark State Community College, Springfield, OH

2019 -2020 Adjunct Instructor, Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

2017 -2018 Graduate Assistant, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

2020 - Graduate Assistant, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Courses Taught

-SOC-1001 INTRO SOCIOLOGY Level:Undergraduate

-SOC-2075 SOCIOLOGY FAMILY Level:Undergraduate

-SOC-2021 SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER Level:Undergraduate

-WGS-2002 INTRO WGSS Level:Undergraduate

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