Patrick Brady

Research Professor-Affiliate

Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Hospital Medicine - 0054


Peer Reviewed Publications

Schondelmeyer, Amanda C; Simmons, Jeffrey M; Statile, Angela M; Hofacer, Kelsey E; Smith, Rebecca; Prine, Lori; Brady, Patrick W (2015. ) Using Quality Improvement to Reduce Continuous Pulse Oximetry Use in Children With Wheezing.Pediatrics, , More Information

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Zhai, Haijun; Brady, Patrick; Li, Qi; Lingren, Todd; Ni, Yizhao; Wheeler, Derek S; Solti, Imre (2014. ) Developing and evaluating a machine learning based algorithm to predict the need of pediatric intensive care unit transfer for newly hospitalized children.Resuscitation, , 85 (8 ) ,1065-71 More Information

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