Debra Breneman

Debra Lynn Breneman

Associate Professor - Adjunct COM

Medical Sciences Building


COM Dermatology - 0592


Bachelor's Degree, Iowa State University Ames, IA, 1977 (Dual Majors Zoology and Psychology; Minor in Chemistry)

Doctor of Medicine, University of Iowa Iowa City, IA, 1981

Dermatology Residency, University of Cincinnati Medical Center Cincinnati, OH, 1985

Research and Practice Interests

My research interests are in 2 areas:dermato pharmacology;urtaneous lymphomas.Dermatopharmacology:conducting clinical research trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of various drugs in the treatment of dermatologic diseases.Cutaneous lymphomas:evaluation and treatment of patients with cutaneous lymphomas including B-cell lymphomas including B-cell lymphomas, mycoses fungaide and other cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and miscellaneous types of cutaneous lymphomas as well as conducting clinical research in this area.

Clinical Focus





American Board of Dermatology



Peer Reviewed Publications

Edinger, James T; Lorenzo, Cynthia R; Breneman, Debra L; Swerdlow, Steven H (2011. ) Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma with subclinical cutaneous involvement and biclonality.Journal of cutaneous pathology, , 38 (9 ) ,724-30

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