Rebeccah Brown

Rebeccah L. Brown

Professor of Surgery; Associate Director of Trauma Services at CCHMC

Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Surgery Pediatric - 0054

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Division of Pediatric Surgery
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229


Bachelor's Degree, New Mexico State University 1986 (Biology and Chemistry)

Medical Degree, University of New Mexico 1990

Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati Medical Center 1994

ECMO Fellowship, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 1994

General Surgery Residency, University of Cincinnati 1997

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Buffalo 1999

Research and Practice Interests

General Pediatric Surgery, Trauma, Injury Prevention, Neonatal Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery


Peer Reviewed Publications

Chatoorgoon, Kaveer; Brown, Rebeccah L; Garcia, Victor F; Falcone, Richard A (2012. ) Role of computed tomography and clinical findings in pediatric blunt intestinal injury: a multicenter study.Pediatric emergency care, , 28 (12 ) ,1338-42

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Contact Information

Academic - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Division of Pediatric Surgery
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45229
Phone: 513-636-9059