Samantha Brugmann

Samantha Brugmann

Associate Professor - Aff

Medical Sciences Building


COM Pediatrics Dev. Biology -

Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery MLC 7007
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229


Bachelor's Degree, Tulane University 1998 (Cell and Molecular Biology)

Doctoral Degree, The George Washington University 2004 (Genetics)

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Stanford University 2010 (Chemical and Systems Biology)

Research and Practice Interests

Craniofacial Development


Peer Reviewed Publications

Workman, Michael J; Mahe, Maxime M; Trisno, Stephen; Poling, Holly M; Watson, Carey L; Sundaram, Nambirajan; Chang, Ching-Fang; Schiesser, Jacqueline; Aubert, Philippe; Stanley, Edouard G; Elefanty, Andrew G; Miyaoka, Yuichiro; Mandegar, Mohammad A; Conklin, Bruce R; Neunlist, Michel; Brugmann, Samantha A; Helmrath, Michael A; Wells, James M (2016. ) Engineered human pluripotent-stem-cell-derived intestinal tissues with a functional enteric nervous system.Nature medicine, ,

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Academic - Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery MLC 7007
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45229
Phone: 513-636-7678