Rhett Brymer

Rhett Andrew Brymer

Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Dr. Rhett Brymer is an Assistant Professor of Management, specializing in researching the strategic role of employees in organizations. With a previous appointment at Miami University, Rhett got his PhD at Texas A&M University. He has been published in the Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Organization, and Academy of Management Perspectives, among other outlets. He serves on the Board of Directors for the College Baseball Hall of Fame and as a judge for the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Prior to academia, Rhett spent six years in human capital consulting for firms such as P&G, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, and H-P.


Ph D: Texas A&M University College Station, Texas, 2012 (Management)

MS: Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida, 2003 (Instructional Systems Design)

MBA: Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida, 2001 (Entrepreneurship)

BA: Kenyon College Gambier, Ohio, 1995 (Chemistry)

Research and Practice Interests

Organizational antecedents and outcomes of employee mobility, hiring pipelines, acquisitions, strategic human capital

Positions and Work Experience

08-2012 -08-2018 John Mee Endowed Assistant Professor of Management, Miami University,

2005 -2007 Senior Consultant, Strategic Human Capital advisory group member, BearingPoint,

2003 -2005 Human Performance Consultant, Hewlett-Packard,

1998 -1999 Head Chemist, Biotech company producing bioprosthetic heart values., Shelhigh,

1997 -1998 Chemistry teacher, baseball coach, Maclay School,

1995 -1997 Science teacher, baseball and basketball coach, Canterbury School of Florida,


Published Abstracts

Scott Dust;Diana Sun;Duane Ireland A Multi-Method Examination of the Microfoundations of Competitive Imitation through External Knowledge Sharing .[Abstract]

Alia Crocker Birth and Death of Hiring Pipelines .[Abstract]

Rhett Brymer;Vera Rocha Early Pipeline Hiring and Firm Performance .[Abstract]

Brett Gilbert Finding a Place at the Table: A Study on the Re-emergence of a Radical Technology .[Abstract]

Yeongsu Kim;Robert Leonard;Jim Hasselback Homophily in the Factor Market for Talent .[Abstract]

Hye Joon Park;Forrest Briscoe;Len Bierman Knowledge Niche Competition and Post-Merger Exits in Professional Service Firms. .[Abstract]

Brian Swider;Aaron Hill;Laurens Steed Organizational Attraction for Pipeline Sourcing .[Abstract]

Rhett Brymer;Michael Hitt Social Capital, Agonistic Relations, and (Dis)Complementarity in the Emergence of Human Capital Resources .[Abstract]

Amanda Ferguson;Adam Stoverink;Patrick Downes Social Pressure and Team Familiarity .[Abstract]

John-Patrick Paraskevas;Lisa Ellram;Matt Josefy The Concentration of Sourcing Talent: Source Abundance, Recruiter Power, and Firm Performance .[Abstract]

Michael Conger;Andrew Hinrichs The Dow Abides: Effectuation Ask to Grow a Beer Competition .[Abstract]

Michael Conger;Steve Lippmann Uses of the Past in a New Market Category: The Case of Micro-distilling in the U.S. .[Abstract]

Pat Thorton;HS;Len When and Where Does Workplace Diversity Pay? Institutional and Resource-Based Views. .[Abstract]

Other Publications

Brymer, Rhett; Campbell, Joanna; Ganco, Martin; Kryscynski, David (08-2018. ) Escaping Our Silos? Integrating Strategic Human Capital with Other Interest Groups .8 , Strategic Management Society

Brymer, Rhett; Zschuppe, Anna; Conger, Michael The Beneficiaries and Impacts of a Quick Persuasion Intervention: An Investment Ask in a Capstone Business Course . Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

Sirmon, David; Schijven, Mario; Brymer, Rhett Second Order Fit in Acquisitions: The Contingent Effects of Strategic and Organizational Fit on Performance . Academy of Management Journal

Brymer, Rhett A.; Boss, David; Uhlenbruck, Klaus; Bierman, Len Internationalization’s Effect on Mobility and Firms’ Employee-Based Resources . Academy of Management Perspectives

Brymer, Rhett A.; Chadwick, Clint; Hill, Aaron; Molloy, Janice Pipelines and Their Portfolios: A More Holistic View of Human Capital Heterogeneity via Firm-Wide Employee Sourcing . Academy of Management Perspectives

Brymer, Rhett A.; Sirmon, David (2018. ) Pre-Exit Bundling, Turnover of Professionals, and Firm Performance .55 (1 ) , Journal of Management Studies

Brymer, Rhett (2017. ) Strategic Human Capital Interest Group’s Impact on Our Publishing Rates .7 , Strategic Management Society

Mawdsley, John; Chauradia, Amit Jain; Brymer, Rhett Hiring Expert Talent in a Recession: Targeted Labor Pool Sourcing and Firm Performance . Strategic Management Journal

Uhlenbruck, Klaus; Hughes-Morgan, Margaret; Hitt, Michael; Ferrier, Walter; Brymer, Rhett A. (2017. ) Rival Reactions to Mergers and Acquisitions .15 (1 ) , Strategic Organization

Brymer, Rhett A.; Newman, William (12-2016. ) An Experiential Supply Chain Management Field Study: Effectively Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Practice. .16 (6 ) , Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice

Brymer, Rhett (06-20-2016. ) What New Hiring Methods Say about Wall Street’s Diversity Problem . Fortune

Brymer, Rhett A.; Rodenberg, Ryan; Holcomb, Tim (02-2015. ) Referee Analytics: Bias in Major College Football Officiating. . MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Brymer, Rhett A.; Molloy, Janice; Gilbert, Brett (02-2014. ) Human capital pipelines: Competitive implications of repeated interorganizational hiring .40 (2 ) , Journal of Management

Certo, Trevis; Sirmon, David; Brymer, Rhett (2010. ) Competition and Knowledge Creation in Management: Investigating Changes in Scholarship from 1988 to 2008 .9 (4 ) , Academy of Management Learning and Education

Brymer, Rhett; Fisher, Nathan; Wiant, Ben (2004. ) Shared Risk, Shared Reward – Profit Driving for Human Performance Technology Consulting. .43 (5 ) , Performance Improvement Journal

Published Books

Brymer, Robert; Brymer, Rhett; Cain, Lisa (2016. ) Hospitality: An Introduction (16th edition) .Dubuque, Iowa, USA , Kendall Hunt

Book Chapter

Brymer, Rhett A.; Dumyahn, Sarah; Bentley Brymer, Amanda L. (2017 ) Exploring Sustainability’s Frontier: Marketization and Transparency on Public Lands London, UK, World Scientific: Sustainability, Society, Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship,

Brymer, Rhett A.; Hitt, Michael; Schijven, Mario (2011 ) Cognition and Human Capital: The Dynamic Interrelationship between Knowledge and Behavior Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press

Additional Publications

Honors and Awards

06-2018 Plenary Presentation One of top 20 papers awarded for a conference-wide audience (out of roughly 150 submissions). Level:International Type:Scholarship/Research

05-2018 Best Symposium - Careers Division Our paper was awarded this recognition for the 2018 AOM meeting. Level:International Type:Scholarship/Research

04-2018 Best Conference Paper Finalist Interest group"s (strategic human capital) nominee for Best Conference Paper and Best Interdisciplinary Paper Level:International Type:Scholarship/Research

Student Advising

Ajay, Bina Doctoral Advisory Committee Member Status:In-Process

Peat, Dan Doctoral Advisory Committee Member Status:In-Process


College Baseball Hall of Fame (Help with the strategic direction of the organization. ) Board of Directors of a Company Type:Prof. Org. Level:Service to Professional Associations 09-2017

US Open Beer Championship (Help organization"s leadership with its strategic direction. Also, serve to organize the contest and judge when called upon. ) Board of Directors of a Company Type:Prof. Org. Level:Service to Professional Associations 04-2016

Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies (Review journal articles ) Editorial Review Board Member Type:Prof. Org. Level:Service to Professional Associations 08-2014

Journal of Management (Primarily, serve to review manuscripts. ) Editorial Review Board Member Type:Prof. Org. Level:Service to Professional Associations 06-2013

Strategic Management Society (Represent the body of the interest group, approximately 250 members. ) Officer, Other Officer Type:Prof. Org. Level:Service to Professional Associations 12-2016 -12-2018

Professional Affiliation

2009 -2018: Representative at Large - Strategic Human Capital Interest Group Strategic Management Society, International

2008 -2018: Academy of Management, International

Courses Taught