Aaron Burdette

Aaron J. Burdette

Assistant Professor - Practice

Research and Practice Interests

Entrepreneurship and KEEN Education; medical device design; work-integrated learning; undergraduate and graduate engineering education research 

Research Support

Grant: #HG-33044 Investigators:Burdette, Aaron; Chen, Hang; Escoe, Gisela; Foley, Todd; Mahoney, Susan 07-15-2019 -07-14-2023 Department of Labor NEXT Apprenticeship Program Role:Collaborator $11,893,184.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Masterson J.; Kluge B.; Burdette A.; Lewis G. (06-01-2020. ) Sustained acoustic medicine; Sonophoresis for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug delivery in arthri.Therapeutic Delivery, , 11 (6 ) ,363-372 More Information

Alanson E.R.; Alanson E.M.; Arthur B.; Burdette A.; Cooper C.; Sharp M. (01-01-2020. ) Re-envisioning work-integrated learning during a pandemic: Cincinnati's experiential explorations pr .International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, , 21 (5 ) ,505-519