Christine Burrows

Christine M Burrows , MD

Professor of Clinical

Vice Chair, Clinical Ambulatory Ops and Population Health

Medical Sciences Building


COM IM General Medicine Division - 0535

Professional Summary

Dr Burrows is the Medical Director for the Med-Peds Combined Faculty Resident Practice at UC.  She is trained in Performance Improvement and leads her practice's Hypertention QI work.  She is passionate about closing the gap on health care disparitites .  Dr Burrows leads a collaborativs with CCHMC and the Cincinnati Health Department to improve care to vulnerable populations. She has led the certification of the Med-Peds practice as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  She also serves as Medical Director for CPC+ (Comprehensive Primary Care), an innovative Medicare Program to redesign primary care in the US, by such changes as developing effective Care Managment, implementing team based multidisciplinary care, and driving quality based payment reform.   As a clinician-educator she leads the practice in developing innovative care delivery models to provide patient care and to educate residents in the evolving future of Primary Care.  She is a facilitator for Centering Group Visits in Diabetes and is a leader in expanding the Centering Group Model of care, based on the evidenced based model of CHI (Centering Healthcare Institiute) based in Boston.  She is an EPIC expert and works to improve patient care through data and interdisciplinary collaborations.  When asked what she thinks is most important ingredient in supporting patients and improving outcomes for  chronic illnesses, Dr Burrows states that developing long term realtionships with patients over time is the essential key in all she does.  

Personally, Dr Burrows enjoys yoga, basketball, hiking and time with her husband, 4 children, and all of her family.


Bachelor's Degree: Duke University 1991 (Neuroscience; AB Duke Scholar Full Tuition Scholarship)

Medical Degree: University of Virginia Health Sciences Center 1996 (Merit Scholarship in Infectious Diseases-Funding for International Health Research 1995 MD Degree, 1996 )

Intern &Resident : University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center 2000 (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)

University of Ghana and Holy Family Hospital 04-1996 (Diabetes Education and Epidemiology Project, funded by Eli-Lilly, Medical Internal Medicine and Pediatric Wards, 1996)

Imperial College 1990 (Philosophy and History of Science Program,)

Oxford University 1991 (Scholarship Program to Oxford Certification in Twentieth Century British Literature)


American Board of Internal Medicine (Certification Date: 08-22-2000 ) - (Recertification Date: to 10-20-2021 )

American Board of Pediatrics (Certification Date: 10-24-2000 ) - (Recertification Date: to 02-18-2021 )

Clinical Interests

Internal Medicine



Internal Medicine


Research and Practice Interests

Dr Burrows' practice interests include primary care of vulnerable populations, travel medicine, general internal medicine and pediatrics, wellness and lifestyles coaching, population health, chronic care managment of diabetes, CHF, and COPD, and women's health. In addition, Dr Burrows is a clinican educator with interest in quality improvement and resident education. Dr Burrows was trained in the Model for Improvement as part of UC Health's 2020 Inaugural Leader's Course.  She teaches residents and medical students on the Hospital Medicine service and in the Ambulatory Med-Peds Practice at the UC Medical Center.  She collaborates with CCHMC and the Cincinnati Health Department to improve health care of vulnerable populations and to address racial and socio-economic health disparities.

Positions and Work Experience

2000 -2009 Attending Physician, Pediatric Inpatient Service, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

2000 -To Present Attending Physician, Medical Inpatient Service, University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

2003 -To Present Medical Director, Combined Resident and Faculty Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Practice, University Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

2000 -2003 Instructor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

2003 -To Present Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

2000 -2003 Instructor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2003 -2011 Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati , Cincinnati, OH

2011 -To Present Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2003 -To Present Medical Director, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Combined Resident, Faculty Practice at Hoxworth, As medical director for our practice I am involved in every aspect of the day-to -day operations and management of our combined resident and faculty practice, including financial performance, staffing, resident education, faculty recruitment, and quality improvement inititiatives. I work closely with UH leadership. We are continuing to recruit and retain high caliber staff to develop the team necessary for providing the highest quality care with the best customer service. This quality team development is essential for safety and support in a resident education site, as well as to supprt the implementation of team based chronic care disease management. In 2012, we recieved NCQA's highest level of recognition as a Level III PCMH. We were awarded "Best Improved" Press Ganey Clinic scores 2009, 2011., Cincinnati, Ohio

2017 -To Present Medical Director CPC+ (Comprehensive Primary Care) Medicare Program ,

2017 -To Present Primary Care Executive Committee Clinical Advisory Group,

Research Support

Grant: #U1EMC07655 Investigators:Diers, CM Burrows 2006 -2010 Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau Sickle Cell Treatment Demonstration Program Role:Co-I

Grant: #K23 HD044556 Investigators:Yi, CM Burrows 2004 -2010 Granting Agency: National Institutes of Health/NICHD The Value of Health in Adolescents with Chronic Illness 2006-2010 Role:PI

Grant: #K01CA123355 Investigators:Wilson, CM Burrows 2007 -2012 National Institutes of Health/NCI Using Tobacco Biomarkers to Improve Smoking Cessation Role:Co-I

Investigators:Burrows, Christine; Fernandez, Francisco; Regan, Saundra; Ruegg, Hilja; Tachinardi, Umberto 10-06-2022 -06-30-2023 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Med Tapp grant Role:Collaborator 360128.00 Hold Level:Federal

Grant: #SPC-1000007264 GR129744 / ODM202219 Investigators:Burrows, Christine; Fernandez, Francisco; Regan, Saundra; Ruegg, Hilja; Tachinardi, Umberto 10-06-2022 -06-30-2023 Ohio Department of Medicaid Med Tapp grant Role:Collaborator 108039.00 Hold Level:Ohio, State of

Grant: #SPC-1000012105 GR132126/ODM202419 Investigators:Burrows, Christine; Kelly, Elizabeth; Regan, Saundra; Rowley, Lisa; Ruegg, Hilja 07-01-2023 -06-30-2024 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Med Tapp grant (2-year renewal) Role:Collaborator 504000.00 Hold Level:Federal

Grant: #SPC1000012106 GR132135 / ODM202419 Investigators:Burrows, Christine; Kelly, Elizabeth; Regan, Saundra; Rowley, Lisa; Ruegg, Hilja 07-01-2023 -06-30-2024 Ohio State University Med Tapp grant (2-year renewal) Role:Collaborator 215950.00 Hold Level:Higher Education


Peer Reviewed Publications

Morris, Timothy A; Marsh, James J; Burrows, Craig M; Chiles, Peter G; Konopka, Ronald G; Pedersen, Craig A (2003. ) Urine and plasma levels of fibrinopeptide B in patients with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Thrombosis research, , 110 (2-3 ) ,159-65

Burrows, C M; Mathews, W C; Colt, H G (2000. ) Predicting survival in patients with recurrent symptomatic malignant pleural effusions: an assessment of the prognostic values of physiologic, morphologic, and quality of life measures of extent of disease. Chest, , 117 (1 ) ,73-8

Darling, T N; Burrows, C M; Blum, J J Rapid shape change and release of ninhydrin-positive substances by Leishmania major promastigotes in response to hypo-osmotic stress. The Journal of protozoology, , 37 (6 ) ,493-9

Eckman, Mark H; Wise, Ruth; Leonard, Anthony C; Dixon, Estrelita; Burrows, Christine; Khan, Faisal; Warm, Eric (2012. ) Impact of health literacy on outcomes and effectiveness of an educational intervention in patients with chronic diseases.Patient education and counseling, , 87 (2 ) ,143-51 More Information


Invited Presentations

(05-04-2012. ) "ED ALERTS-Use of Asthma ED alerts in Developing Care Plan for Pediatric Asthma Patients." .Patient Centered Medical Home Learning Collaborative, Cincinnati, OH.

(04-15-2010. ) "Redesign of Resident Outpatient Education in Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Outpatient Practice." .Internal Medicine and Pediatric Resident Conference,

(02-20-2010. ) "Primary Care and Office Flow: Redesign and Provider Capping at Med-Peds." .Internal Medicine and Pediatric Practice Conference,

(11-02-2009. ) "Chronic Care Collaborative: Lessons Learned: Med-Peds Faculty and Resident Education on the Implementation of the Chronic Care Model for Diabetes." .Primary Care Innovation Conference, Cincinnati, OH.

(04-2010. ) "Quality Review: Rate of Pediatric Immunizations at University Of Cincinnati's Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Practice." .University Hospital Med-Peds Resident and Staff Annual Immunization Conference., April 2010; April 2009; April 2008; April 2007..

(03-27-2008. ) "Key Role of a Doctor Advocate in Kidney Transplant Donor Evaluation." .CCHMC Transplant Committee Conference,

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(10-21-2006. ) "Academic Chronic Care Collaborative." .Team Presentation for National Diabetes Collaborative on Self-Management Goal Setting in Diabetics,

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(04-06-2004. ) "Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines for Children > 1 year old with and acute exacerbation of asthma." .CCHMC Pediatric Resident Lecture,

(2004. ) "Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for Evaluation and Management of First Time UTI in pediatrics." .Pediatric Resident Conference,

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(11-02-2000. ) "Torch Infections." .CCHMC Resident Tower Team Lecture ,

(01-29-2000. ) "The Pre-Travel Medical Evaluation." .Internal Medicine Resident Conference,

(2014. ) Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) —Chosen to present Learning Session at the 14th Annual National IHI conference on our office’s work on “ED Alerts”, .

(2018. ) Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC+) What does it mean for Primary Care and Residents .

Honors and Awards

1987 -1991 Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholar Full tuition academic scholarship to Duke University

2004 -To Present Fellow - American Academy of Pediatrics

2005 -To Present Best Doctors in America


(EPIC Physician Super-user and Med-Peds Forms Developer ) 2011 -To Present

WE THRIVE, Team Lead, A national collaborrative through CCHMC to improve identification and treatment of pediatric obesity.

Designated Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Key Clinical Faculty. 2008 -To Present

Aligning Forces for Quality, Med-Peds Chairperson for Diabetes Chronic Care Collaborative. 2008 -2010

Alliance Partners Credentialing Committee, Member, 2004-2012, Chairperson, 2009-2012

University Hospital, Ambulatory Council 2003 -To Present

Internal Medicine and Residency Applicant Interviews (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program. ) 2000 -To Present

Internal Medicine and Resdient Match Committee 2000 -To Present

Preceptor for Nurse Practitioner Student 2011 -To Present

Chairperson, Centricity EMR (Electronin Medical Record) Committee 2008 -To Present

GE's Physician Experience Initiative, National GE EMR Committee 2008 -2010

Director and Physicain Champion: Primary Care Innovation Group Collaborative

Med-Peds Residency Curriculum Review Committee 2003 -To Present

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics ASGME Educational Program Review Committee, Member 2008 -To Present

Faculty Mentor, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residents 2000 -To Present

Med-Peds Faculty Recruitment Key Committee Member; Evaluate and interview applicants to Med-Peds Faculty Practice.

Junior Facutly Mentor for new Med-Peds Faculty 2005 -To Present

Elected to National Task Force of American Academy of Pediatrics on "Telephone Triage" 2005 -2008

Coordinator, Annual Ambulatory Preceptor Review and Educational Update Yearly Meeting. 2003 -To Present

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Intern Ambulatory Orientation Coordinator 2003 -To Present

ABIM Practice Improvement Modules (PIMS) 2008 -2011

Task Force Coordinator, Evaluation of Medical Assistant's role in Hospital Based Outpatient Pediatric Care. 2006 -2006

Cooridnator for patients education materials 2001 -To Present

Duke University Health Career Mentor, mentor college students in shadowing externship in Medicine and Pediatrics 2001 -2011


Patient Centered Medical Home, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes Chronic Care, Preventative Care, Well Child Care, Kidney transplant donor evaluations

Professional Affiliation

American Academy of Pediatrics

Contact Information

Practice - Hoxworth
3130 Highland Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-584-7425
Fax: 513-584-7681