Román Cáceres

Román A Cáceres

Graduate Assistant


Peer Reviewed Publications

Reeder, Evan L; O'Connell, Christopher J; Collins, Sean M; Traubert, Owen D; Norman, Sophia V; Cáceres, Román A; Sah, Renu; Smith, David W; Robson, Matthew J (2023. ) Increased Carbon Dioxide Respiration Prevents the Effects of Acceleration/Deceleration Elicited Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.Neuroscience, , 509 ,20-35 More Information

Rao, Rohan; Shah, Sanjit; Bhattacharya, Debanjan; Toukam, Donatien Kamdem; Cáceres, Román; Pomeranz Krummel, Daniel A; Sengupta, Soma (2022. ) Ligand-Gated Ion Channels as Targets for Treatment and Management of Cancers.Frontiers in physiology, , 13 ,839437 More Information