Biao Cai

Biao Cai

Asst Professor

French Hall


A&S Mathematical Sciences - 0025


BS in Statistics: University of Science of Technology of China 2016

PhD in Business Administration: University of Miami 2021

Research and Practice Interests

High dimensional data analysis, point processes, tensor data analysis, multiomics, single cell data analysis.

Positions and Work Experience

2021 -2023 Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Biao Cai, Jingfei Zhang and Yongtao Guan (2022. ) Latent Network Structure Learning from High Dimensional Multivariate Point Processes .Journal of the American Statistical Association, ,

Jingfei Zhang*, Biao Cai*, Xuening Zhu, Hansheng Wang, Ganggang Xu and Yongtao Guan (2023. ) Learning Human Activity Patterns using Clustered Point Processes with Active and Inactive States .Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, , 41 (2 ) ,388

Dennis May, Sangwon Yun, David Gonzalez, Sangbum Park, Yanbo Chen, Elizabeth Lathrop, Biao Cai, Tianchi Xin, Hongyu Zhao, Siyuan Wang, Lauren E. Gonzalez, Katie Cockburn and Valentina Greco. (2023. ) Live imaging reveals chromatin compaction transitions and dynamic transcriptional bursting during stem cell differentiation in vivo .eLife, ,