Christopher Calhoun

Christopher Allen Calhoun

Asst Professor - Educator

Rhodes Hall

CEAS - Mechanical Eng Tech - 0072


PhD : University of Virginia (Materials Science and Engineering)

MS: Texas A&M University (Aerospace Engineering)

BS: Virginia Tech (Engineering Science and Mechanics)

Research and Practice Interests

Dr. Calhoun's interest revolve around (1) undergraduate education and (2) mechanical deformation of metallic materials.  He is curerntly working to employ data science tools to help glean insights into factors driving student performance and success. In the realm of mechanical deformation, Dr.Calhoun has a background ranging from interpretation of TEM images to full field measurements. He enjoys working to understand deformation mechanisms through advanced experiemental techniques like neutron diffraction and modern modelling approaches like crystal plasticity. 


Peer Reviewed Publications

Banerjee D.; Calhoun C.; Iadicola M.; Luecke W.; Foecke T. (08-06-2018. ) Toward development of optimum specimen designs and modeling of in-plane uniaxial compression testing.Journal of Physics: Conference Series, , 1063 (1 ) , More Information

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Creuziger A.; Calhoun C.; Poling W.; Gnäupel-Herold T. (03-12-2018. ) Assessment of bias errors caused by texture and sampling methods in diffraction-based steel phase me.Journal of Applied Crystallography, , 51 ,720-731 More Information

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Steiner M.A.; Klein R.W.; Calhoun C.A.; Knezevic M.; Garlea E.; Agnew S.R. (11-01-2017. ) Efficient rolling texture predictions and texture-sensitive thermomechanical properties of ?-uranium.Journal of Nuclear Materials, , 495 ,234-243 More Information

Steiner M.A.; Calhoun C.A.; Klein R.W.; An K.; Garlea E.; Agnew S.R. (08-15-2016. ) ?-Phase transformation kinetics of U - 8 wt% Mo established by in situ neutron diffraction.Journal of Nuclear Materials, , 477 ,149-156 More Information

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