Lilja Carden

Lilja Elyse Carden

Graduate Assistant

University of Cincinnati
345 Clifton Ct
Cincinnati , Ohio 45220
Phone 630-621-6164

Professional Summary

I am researching extinction risk factors for North American freshwater mussels, particularly focusing on how different species respond to more recent anthropogenic stressors such as invasive species and synthetic fertilizer loading. I am interested in how the invasive Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) and fertilizers impacted the growth and food consumption of surrounding native species. I am examining freshwater mussel shells from museum collections to investigate life/growth history characteristics. I am also looking at carbon and nitrogen isotopic signatures found in shells to test for changes in freshwater mussel food consumption after the arrival of the Asian clam and the rise in fertilizer use in Ohio watersheds.


Geophysical Sciences B.S.: University of Chicago Chicago, IL, 2022 (Paleontology/Paleoecology)


Published Abstracts

Lilja Carden, Caitlin Meadows, Susan Kidwell (2020. ) Ecology True or False: Population Changes in Bering Sea Bivalves Recorded by Death Assemblages .[Abstract]The University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium Proceedings, 1 ,

Peer Reviewed Publications

Carden L., Lloret J., Kidwell SM. (2023. ) Dead molluscan shells from multiple trophic groups as archives of nitrogen isotopic evidence of wastewater gradients in estuaries.Marine Pollution Bulletin, , 189 ,

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Invited Presentations

Lilja Carden (01-16-2024. ) Unlocking the Stories in Shells .Antioch College, Level:College

Paper Presentations

Lilja Carden, Joshua H. Miller, Nathaniel Shoobs, Wendell R. Haag (2023. ) Changes in Shell Size and Shape of Native Freshwater Mussels Associated with the North American Invasion of Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea) .Pittsburgh, PA. Conference. Level:National

Lilja Carden, Javier Lloret, Susan M. Kidwell (2023. ) Molluscan Dead Shell Assemblages are Archives of Urbanization: Discovering How Nitrogen Isotopic Signatures Vary Along a Gradient of Septic Pollution and as a Function of Tropic Group .Denver, CO. Conference. Level:National

Lilja Carden, Joshua H. Miller, Nathaniel Shoobs, Wendell R. Haag Changes in Growth Rates of two species of Freshwater Mussels in an Ohio Stream over the last 80 years .Ann Arbor, MI. Conference. Level:National

Honors and Awards

2022 Mid-America Paleontological Society (MAPS) Outstanding Student Research Award Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Grant

Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati
345 Clifton Ct
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45220
Phone: 630-621-6164