Lilja Carden

Lilja Elyse Carden

Graduate Assistant

University of Cincinnati
345 Clifton Ct
Cincinnati , Ohio 45220
Phone 630-621-6164

Professional Summary

I am interested in using modern mollusk assemblages to understand how anthropogenic industrial pollutants have shaped species success and tolerance. I am hoping to better understand how bivalve species respond to both the presence of industrial pollution and after it has been remediated.


Geophysical Sciences B.S.: University of Chicago Chicago, IL, 2022 (Paleontology/Paleoecology)


Published Abstracts

Lilja Carden, Caitlin Meadows, Susan Kidwell (2020. ) Ecology True or False: Population Changes in Bering Sea Bivalves Recorded by Death Assemblages .[Abstract]The University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium Proceedings, 1 ,

Peer Reviewed Publications

Carden L., Lloret J., Kidwell SM. (2023. ) Dead molluscan shells from multiple trophic groups as archives of nitrogen isotopic evidence of wastewater gradients in estuaries.Marine Pollution Bulletin, , 189 ,

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Invited Presentations

Lilja Carden (2020. ) Trends in Clean-up Techniques and Project Duration in Superfund Sites Across an Urban Estuary .The Mid-States Consortium Biology / Psychology Research Symposium, Chicago, IL. Level:Regional

Lilja Carden (2021. ) Bias in the Fossil Record: Expanding Our Understanding of Stem-Ward Slippage .Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium, Chicago, IL. Level:Local

Lilja Carden (2021. ) Impact of Taphonomic Loss at Lower Taxonomic Levels: Stem-ward Slippage in a Bivalve Family .Geological Society of America, Level:National

Lilja Carden, Javier Lloret, Susan Kidwell (2022. ) Molluscan Dead Shell Assemblages are Archives of Urbanization: Discovering How Nitrogen Isotopic Signatures Vary Along a Gradient of Septic Pollution and as a Function of Tropic Group .Geological Society of America, Denver, CO. Level:National

Honors and Awards

2022 Mid-America Paleontological Society (MAPS) Outstanding Student Research Award Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Grant

Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati
345 Clifton Ct
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45220
Phone: 630-621-6164