Adam Carle

Adam Carle

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Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Anderson Center - 0054

Professional Summary

I am a clinically and quantitatively trained investigator,  nationally recognized expert in children with special health care needs research (CSHCN) and child health measurement. My publications have employed structural equation models, multilevel models, and modern test theory to advance the methodological science used to identify CSHCN, investigate the correlates of CSHCN’s and their families’ well-being, investigate health disparities, and provide data for evidence-based practice and policy. My work has also addressed identifying and evaluating variation in the delivery of care and policy that influences CSHCN’s outcomes. Additionally, my work seeks to better understand individual and contextual variables’ influences on health and health disparities at individual, local, state, and national levels. I obtained my PhD from Arizona State University’s Psychology Department. I followed my PhD with a two year post-doctoral training experience at the US Census Bureau, where I refined my expertise in large scale survey research and measurement research. Among my grants, I am currently the PI of an NINR-funded R-15 study examining systematic measurement error’s influence on health disparities for key measures identified in Healthy People 2010, across individuals of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.


Peer Reviewed Publications

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