George Ceballos

George Ceballos

Clinical Instructor

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
My objective in life is to use my abilities to best serve others. As Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose is to give it away.” There is no other career path that would give me the opportunity to utilize my talents and engage my interests more than internal medicine. Applying my understanding of pathophysiology and my ability to empathize with diverse populations is my strong suit and the foundation for being a successful physician. I have always been an inquisitive learner with great endurance for acquiring a wide range of knowledge. After careful self-reflection, it is evident that a career as an internist is in line with my talents and speaks to my heritage as well. As my Cuban immigrant grandparents would always tell me, “the most important resource in life is knowledge because no one can ever take that away from you, no matter the circumstances.” In Cuba, my grandparents were internists. When they arrived to seek opportunities in the US, they learned a new language, worked three jobs, studied and passed their board exams to become nurses, all while supporting their family. It will be that same attitude of determination and perseverance that I will apply to my practice of medicine. I will approach my patients with compassion, love, and a commitment to understanding. I want to be the physician and internist that anyone in my residency program, medical school or community will be comfortable with caring for their family member. I understand that it is a privilege to care for our patients and I am ready to begin the journey to develop into a highly qualified internist so that having found my gift I can begin to give it away.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
I chose Cincinnati for its strong focus on patient centeredness, its unique quality of training its physicians with evidence based adult learning, and its commitment to growth mindset. Many of the principles instilled in this residency are in line with my mindset. When Dr. Warm said “medicine can be hierarchal, unsafe, driven by perfectionism and constant comparison with others. We want none of that. “That statement really impacted me. It is something I had noticed even throughout medical school and before. I knew this would be my program as it will foster that collaboration between colleagues that I have always sought after. A career in medicine is truly a noble profession and it’s a privilege to care for our patients. Attending a residency with this mindset, my colleagues and I will develop into the kind of internists we want to be, as we serve our patients with love, compassion, and understanding. This program was my first choice and I know I will be very happy here! It is truly a gem!


MD: Wayne State University School of Medicine