Peter Chamberlain

Peter A. Chamberlain

Associate Professor - School of Design, Coordinator-Industrial Design, Associate Director

Aronoff Center


DAAP School of Design - 0016

Professional Summary

Peter chamberlain is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design and a graduate of the Master of Fine Art Sculpture program at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. He also holds a degree in Design from the Graduate School at Chiba University, located just outside of Tokyo, Japan.
 He has worked in the Rapid prototyping industry and for companies in transportation-related manufacturing technology in both Japan and the United States. His continued international experience has been formative in developing a body of research that considers the unique role that culture plays in the emotional appreciation of everyday products and experiences. Additionally, this research considers how deeply embedded culturally driven sensibilities can provide inspirational sources for design innovation.
Professor Chamberlain teaches courses ranging from sophomore Industrial Design foundation studios to graduate design seminars. Through his experience teaching in the Live Well Collaborative studios at the University of Cincinnati, he has worked extensively with its corporate members, guiding interdisciplinary collaborative student teams as they tackle complex and crosscutting design problems.


MFA, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005 (Fine Art - Sculpture, Design)

MPhil-Design , Chiba University Chiba, Japan, 2003 (Masters course of study in Design specializing in Universal Design )

Research Support

Grant: #Kroger Bagless Studion FS16 Investigators:Chamberlain, Peter; Timney, Todd 09-01-2016 -08-31-2017 Kroger Company Kroger Bagless Sponsored Studio (16FS) Role:Collaborator $70,000.00 Active Level:Industry

Grant: #Hankook Tire 16US Sponsored Studio Agreement Investigators:Chamberlain, Peter; Zammit, Raphael 05-01-2016 -04-30-2017 Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. Hankook Tire 16US Sponsored Studio Role:Collaborator $35,000.00 Active Level:Foreign Industry


Peer Reviewed Publications

Peter Chamberlain (2014. )Unboxing II (UBII): A Tool for Package Experience Analysis .The International Journal of Designed Objects. , ,Volume 7 (3 ),

Todd Timney, Peter Chamberlain (2017. )Integrated Package Design: An interdisciplinary Approach to Package Design that Benefits Consumer Experience and Brand Perception .Journal of Computer Aided Design and Applications, ,14 (1 ),33

Invited Publications

Peter Chamberlain (2013. )The Industrial Design Program at the University of Cincinnati – DAAP - evolving to lead the future of design education .Industrial Arts News, (42 ),

Other Publications

Peter Chamberlain, Craig Vogel (2012. )The Path to a Black Belt in Design: The Transformative Power of the Design Studio .IDSA Innovation Magazine,


Invited Presentations

Peter Chamberlain (2010. )Transforum - discussing the future of public transportation in Cincinnati. TEDX , Cincinnati. Level:Regional

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Peter Chamberlain (2010. )Perspectives on Industrial design and Engineering Education .Proctor and Gamble "Gym", Cincinnati, Ohio. Professional Meeting. .Level:Regional

Poster Presentations

Peter Chamberlain, Aparna Sundar, Theodore Noseworthy (2013. )Parody of Package Design .Society of Consumer Psychology Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii. .Level:International

Paper Presentations

Peter Chamberlain, (09-13-2012. )Steps Toward Interpreting the Traditional Chinese Medicine Phenomenon in Contemporary Packaging: Design for Pervasive Cultural Belief Structures. .London, England. Other Institution. Level:International

Peter Chamberlain (07-17-2019. )Live Well Collaborative Sustainability Studio: an interdisciplinary approach to better understanding 50+ product perception and interaction .Orlando, Florida. Conference. Level:National

Research and Practice Interests

Aesthetic and Emotional product-user relationship