Dora Cheng

Dora C Cheng

Assoc Professor - Educator

Professional Summary

Dora Cheng is an Associate Professor Educator in the Rhetoric and Professional Writing program. Her research interests include academic literacies, second language writing, writer identity, and writing pedagogy. Her recent research draws on socio-cultural perspectives and discourse socialization frameworks to examine multilingual students’ writing development and writer identity as they transition from general writing courses to writing in the disciplines. Dr. Cheng teaches courses in cross-cultural communication, technical and scientific writing, and writing for international audiences.


Ph.D., Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education: The Ohio State University, 2018

M.Ed., TESOL & Adult Education: Auburn University, 2012

B.A., English: Auburn University, 2010

Research and Practice Interests

Academic literacies, second language writing development, writer identity, second language writing pedagogy, and qualitative research.


Invited Presentations

Cheng, D (2018. ) The Enactment of Self and Construction of Knowledge in L2 Disciplinary Writing .Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO. Conference. . Level:National

Cheng, D (2018. ) Dialogic Interaction: Asynchronous Consulting Strategies .East Central Writing Center Association, Columbus, OH. Conference. . Level:Regional

Cheng, D (2018. ) “I am Only a Student”: Authorial Identity and Knowledge Construction in L2 Disciplinary Writing .American Association for Applied Linguistics, Chicago, IL. Conference. . Level:National

Cheng, D (2016. ) The Accent’s on Me: Agency, Personal Narrative, and the L2 Writer .Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX. Conference. . Level:National

Cheng, D (2015. ) Writing with an Accent: L2 Writers’ Authorial Identity and Silenced Voice in Academic Writing .Ohio TESOL, Columbus, OH. Conference. . Level:Regional

Cheng, D (2013. ) What Social Media Can Tell You about the Teaching and Learning of Academic Writing .Ohio TESOL, Columbus, OH. Conference. . Level:Regional

Cheng, D (2019. ) Disciplinary Writing Practcies: Negotiating Writer Intentions and Reader Expectations .TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Atlanta. Conference. . Level:National


TESOL (Conference Proposal ) Reviewer Type:Service to Professional Associations Level:International 2019 -To Present


second language writing, academic literacies, TESOL, qualitative research, identity, second language acquisition