Shannon Kathleen White

Asst Professor - Clin

Procter Hall

CON Grad Prog & Admin Srvcs - 0038

Professional Summary

Highly motivated, results-oriented, diversely experienced Family Nurse Practitioner committed to clinical excellence and the provision of proactive, age and developmentally appropriate family-centered care. Exceptional ability to multitask; managing numerous, often competing priorities while fostering effective, high quality, culturally sensitive, evidence-based care to each patient and family. Superior interpersonal, communication, relationship-building, presentation, and management reporting skills. Critical thinker with a strong background in interdisciplinary program planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and problem-solving.
Before earning her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Waynesburg University, Shannon White received both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing from UC. Since 2007, White has been part of a multidisciplinary team in the Headache Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She has helped to further develop the role of the nurse practitioner, has assisted in the development of a nurse practitioner managed acute care infusion unit for patients with an intractable migraine, presented on pediatric headache locally, nationally and internationally, and has been involved as a sub-investigator in numerous industry-sponsored and investigator initiated pediatric headache clinical trials.

Since 2021, she has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati teaching in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Prior to that, she was Adjunct Faculty since 2019.



Peer Reviewed Publications

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