Roger Collins

Roger L Collins

Professor Emeritus

Professional Summary

Dr. Collins received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Harvard University in 1979. He taught at Antioch College from 1975 to 1979 before coming to the University of Cincinnati in 1980. His current research agenda focuses on advocacy and social action in the context of ecological counseling. He has written a book chapter scheduled to appear in a volume entitled Ecological Counseling: An Innovative Approach to Individual Environment Interaction. He also is experimenting with the use of contemporary literature in traditional social science approaches. He has presented some of this work at the Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English and other conferences. Dr. Collins teaches courses on Children in Groups, Self-concept and Achievement, Social Inequalities and Schooling, and Cultural Diversity and Mental Health.


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Watson,A.; Collins,R.; Correia-Collins,F. (2004 ) Ecological counseling: an innovative approach to individual environment interaction Advocacy and social action in the context of ecological counseling .(pp. 289 -313).Alexandria, VA