Tai Collins

Tai A Collins

Associate Professor
School Psychology

Professional Summary

Tai A. Collins received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 2013. Dr. Collins is primarily interested in the development of time- and resource-efficient behavioral interventions to support African American students in urban schools with limited resources.  Dr. Collins has focused on developing peer-mediated interventions to address the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of students within multi-tiered systems of support.  Dr. Collins is also interested in applications of a social justice framework in school psychology practice and training. He currently teaches graduate courses including the Applied Behavior Analysis sequence, Advanced Behavior Theory and Practice, Working with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Schools, and Academic Assessment & Intervention. 

Research Support

Grant: #CSP905514 Investigators:Collins, Tai; Hawkins, Renee; Morrison, Julie 12-18-2013 -10-31-2015 Ohio Department of Education Dyslexia Pilot Project Evaluation Role:Collaborator $125,000.00 Awarded Level:State of Ohio


Peer Reviewed Publications

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