Anna Conser

Anna Conser

Asst Professor

Assistant Professor

Blegen Library


A&S Classics - 0226

Professional Summary

Anna Conser (PhD, Columbia 2021) is a philologist specializing in Greek literature.  Her current research focusses on ancient music and performance, Greek drama and lyric poetry, and the digital processing of ancient texts.  As part of her first book project, she has developed software tools to analyze the melodic patterning of pitch accents in Greek choral lyric.  This new melodic evidence for Greek choral odes allows her to interpret ancient tragedy using approaches borrowed from opera and musical theater.  Dr. Conser’s work on performance is informed by extensive experience as a director, composer, and choreographer for modern productions of ancient plays. 

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Ph.D: Columbia University (Classics)

B.A.: Carleton College (Classical Languages and Literature)

Positions and Work Experience

2021 -2022 Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Whitman College,

2022 - Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati,