Christopher Cooper

Christopher S Cooper


University Pavilion


CCPS CEAS Co-op - 0115

Research Support

Grant: #Agreement - Ohio Means Internships (OMIC I) Investigators:Barlow, Lisa; Breslin, Paula; Cates, Cheryl; Cedercreutz, Claes Kettil; Clark, Willie; Collet, Jill; Cooper, Christopher; Fox, Marjorie; Hummeldorf, Stacey Lynn; Jefferson, Mina; Juran, Datina; Kotowski, Susan; Lockhart, Cynthia; Neff, Glenda; Nelson, Adison; Osborne, George; Osborne, Thomas; Straka, Ann; Tappel, James; Walters, William; Watson, Joy 01-01-2013 -06-30-2014 Ohio Board of Regents The Cincinnati Co-op and Internship Plan Role:Collaborator $1,822,373.00 Closed Level:State of Ohio


Peer Reviewed Publications

Guy, B., Arthur, A., Cooper, C. (2023. ) “Oscillating Between Hope and Despair”: A Narrative Case Study of Culture and Coping for Women in Engineering in Higher Education and Industry. International Journal of Contemporary Education, , 6 (1 ) ,

Cooper, C., Kelly, A., Miskovic, V. (2023. ) Developing, facilitating, and applying an appreciative peer mentorship curriculum in a cooperative education program. New Directions in Student Services Appreciative Frameworks in Student Affairs, ,

Alanson, E.R., Alanson, E.M., Arthur, B., Burdette, A., Cooper C., Sharp, M. (2020. ) Re-envisioning Work-Integrated Learning during a Pandemic: A Case Study Examination of the University of Cincinnati’s Experiential Explorations Program. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, Special Issue, ,


Invited Presentations

Cooper, C. (2023. ) Enhancing Co-op Student Experience with Appreciative Advising and Peer Education. Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, Charleston, SC, United States. Level:National

Cooper, C. Bove, E. (2022. ) Preparing Work-Abroad Engineering Programs for Post-Covid Reality. Colloquium on International Engineering Education,

Cooper, C. (2020. ) Building/Sustaining IEPs. Colloquium on International Engineering Education,

Cooper, C., Elliott, G. (2018. ) Getting Started with Program Building. Annual Colloquium on International Engineering Education, Newport, RI, United States. Level:International